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North Dakota Nice Billboard

Covid-19 Exposes the Myth of North Dakota Nice

A more anguished look on my wife’s face I have never seen in our 26 years together. As the tears welled in her eyes, I saw frustration, despair and deep, deep sorrow. She closed them, said softly, “No, honey. Just

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2020 BINGO!

Weird stuff happened this year from a bat virus killing MILLIONS of people, 9 pound gold fish in South Carolina, lizards the size of dogs in Florida – it’s always Florida isn’t


Thank You for Everything

Friends — On the eve of the new year, I wanted to reach out and extend my gratitude for all that you helped to accomplish in 2020. You were an important member


1,459 days later

Friends, I am phenomenally excited to say that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States! It’s been a long four days, but we are finally here and we have repudiated