Partner with DemCast

DemCast is an optimal fit for electorally- and issue-focused local, state & national organizations that would like support in spreading their media to a broader audience. Thank you for your interest in partnering!

Put quite simply, we would like to host your content: your newsletters, calls to actions, β€“ along with any content produced by your affiliated writers, artists and activists (articles, columns, graphics, videos, podcasts). We also want to share information about your events. And amplify all of this via our social media amplification network. And give you a slick, state-specific page on that displays all the media you want to feature.  

And we want to do it for free. By the way – because is ad-free and not subject to click-oriented revenue, we do not profit off of your participation. So why are we doing this? Because it needs to be done.

DemCast is made for activist organizations like yours that are trying to help push this country back in the right direction through thoughtful policy development and the election of blue representatives up and down the ballot.

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