Partner with DemCast

Put quite simply, we would like to host your content: your newsletters, calls to actions, – along with any content produced by your affiliated writers, artists and activists (articles, columns, graphics, videos, podcasts). We also want to share information about your events. And amplify all of this via our social media amplification network. And give you a slick, state-specific page on that displays all the media you want to feature.  

And we want to do it for free. By the way – because is ad-free and not subject to click-oriented revenue, we do not profit off of your participation. So why are we doing this? Because it needs to be done.

DemCast is made for activist organizations like yours that are trying to help push this country back in the right direction through thoughtful policy development and the election of blue representatives up and down the ballot.

Interested in Partnering | Ready to Formalize a Partnership

Interested in Partnering

Fill out the form below if you are interested in partnering. Underneath the form, we provide a deeper exploration of what a DemCast partnership entails.

  • Our Outreach Coordinators and State Captains will work with you to identify opportunities for partnership, and will continuously check in with you to make sure we are fulfilling our promise.
  • will act as a platform for any digital media you produce that meets our editorial framework.
  • Our editors will help your local digital media creators hone their creations and get them posted on the site.
  • Our digital amplification team will work to ensure that your content gets seen across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using locality- and state-specific hashtags and groups connected to our network.
  • Our State Content Captains will help to suggest approaches for messaging, and will curate content.
  • Our State Social Media Captains will help to train your local social media team & activists to hone their craft.
  • We will provide digital activism training content for your teams on the website through our Bootcamp. Likewise, we will provide training to digital activists on how to utilize their skills toward in-person activism.
  • will have a feature that shares your local events, meetings, rallies and opportunities for engagement / in-person activism. 
  • will host a page specifically for your organization that displays all the media you want displayed – whether it is posted by your org account, any of your allies, or any other contributors to This page would include any links or organizational information you would like to feature.
  • Help us connect to activists who are already producing content or who could produce content for the site.
  • Help us connect with local activists who would like to join our social media amplification network.
  • Help our State Social Media Captains connect with key social media accounts and Facebook groups in your area, so that we can expand our amplification network.
  • Encourage your members and affiliates to get connected to the DemCast effort (in support of their local goals) and engage in training through our Bootcamp.
  • Help make introductions to other activist groups in your city, county, region or state.

Ready to Partner

When you are ready to formalize a partnership, please complete this form: