Martin C. Fredricks IV

Martin C. “Red” Fredricks IV is a husband, father of three, proud Fargoan (N.D.), small business owner, reader, writer and progressive. He's also the founder of the IV Words Blog ( Finally, he's a ginger; ergo the “Red.” Living blue in a deep red state is tough, but somehow, day by day, he gets by.

The Oxymoronics of “Smart Reopening” Schools

“Reopening” Shouldn’t Even Be Part of School Planning Right Now What states and school districts are developing now are actually “Limit Illness and Death” plans. Unacceptable. The Oxymoronics of “Smart Reopening”  The only plan governors, school administrators or boards in

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Capital Punishment Is Not About Justice

Vengeance is not a noble pursuit. It is an evil that feeds back on its practitioners. The State That Kills Its Killers Is No Better Than They Were Capital punishment is not


The Ghost of Stalin Stalks the White House

Image: “Stalin and colleagues, 1929” from the Library of Congress. Stalin is in the center. Trump Declares War on U.S. Cities Masked men. Insignia-free uniforms. No probable cause. No Miranda. Hoods. Unmarked vans.


Mask. It’s the Only Correct Answer.

The world needs consensus-builders and compromise-finders, but not when it comes to wearing masks to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Sorry, Conciliators, There Is No Middle Here The world needs conciliators, people who


“One Nation, Under …” Duress

In the early morning hours of Independence Day 2020, I’ll be standing there, Old Glory in hand, wondering not which way is up, but how and when up became down. The Flag

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