Elisa Goldklang

Elisa Goldklang is DemCast’s Georgia Captain. She’s a speech-language pathologist and learning specialist with 25 years in the field. Her articles have been published in Atlanta Parent Magazine and DemCastUSA’s online newspaper. She lives in Marietta, GA, with her husband, daughter (virtually in college) and their dog, Misty. Her son graduated UGA in 2020 and is now working in NYC.

Mokah Johnson leadership

The Call to Serve: Mokah Johnson

Over the past four years, Mokah Johnson has discovered that individuals are able to have greater influence on policies at the local level than at the state and national levels.


The Call to Serve: Devin Pandy

“You’re not born to hate; you’re taught to hate.” –Devin Pandy It Happened One Night One night in late November 2019, Devin Pandy was watching the impeachment hearings and was utterly appalled