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Since Roe v. Wade, Republicans have been unapologetically working to take away women’s rights to bodily autonomy. It’s taken them 50 years to succeed – with Mike DeWine signing the heartbeat bill into law in January of 2023. 

In less than one year, Ohioans took back what it took 50 years to take from us.

Thanks to so many of you who invested in the Democratic infrastructure of this state, Ohio Dems pulled off unprecedented, deliberate and scaled voter contact efforts in an odd year. Our 2023 electoral wins, protecting democracy and freedoms for all Ohioans, are momentous steps forward in our ongoing march to rebuild democratic power in the Buckeye State. It wasn’t an accident, it was organizing.

In a post election email last year, I closed with the following “Tonight we celebrate our wins and thank those who worked hard and gave it their all. Tomorrow, we start writing the next chapter of Ohio’s story.”

2023 is a monumental and hopeful chapter of Ohio’s story that deserves much celebration. It is also one that would be impossible to write without your support. I say this with no exaggeration: there is no way we could do this without you and I extend my sincerest thanks. You have put your trust in me and the state party, and for that we are immensely grateful.

Today, we celebrate.

Control of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House will undoubtedly run through Ohio in 2024. Ohio will also be the only state in the nation with an opportunity to gain control of the state supreme court. Last night’s results only raise the stakes of 2024 and we are ready to tell any politician in Ohio who will inevitably try to take away our reproductive rights again: we won’t go back.

Tomorrow, we get back to work writing the next chapter of Ohio’s story. With two statewide wins under our belt, Ohio Dems are ready to win – again. 

REMINDER: #OHSEN Field Would Overrule Ohioans By Passing National Abortion Ban

dangerous abortion ban this week by passing State Issue 1, the entire #OHSEN field has said they would overrule Ohioans by voting for a national abortion ban in the Senate. 
REMINDER: The #OHSEN field supports dangerous abortion bans and would vote for a national ban:

What Ohioans are reading about the #OHSEN field after voting to protect reproductive rights: 

Ohio Capital Journal: Ohio Democrats working to tie GOP candidates to unpopular abortion stances after Issue 1 rout
Nick Evans
November 9, 2023

  • In the U.S. Senate primary, all three Republicans loudly opposed the reproductive rights amendment; Republican candidates for Congress in hotly contested races did the same.
  • “Every single Republican candidate running against Sherrod Brown in the primary — Frank LaRose, Bernie Moreno and Matt Dolan — all support a national abortion ban,” Walters argued. “And if they are elected, they will go to Washington to try to override the will of the Ohio voters through a national abortion ban.”
  • U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-OH, posted a video Wednesday hammering his Republican opponents for their stances. Walters argued next year’s election will be a referendum on the reproductive rights — even if the abortion issue itself isn’t on the ballot.
  • “Ohio voters are smart, they understand what’s in front of them,” Walters said. “They will understand next year that sending one of these out of touch Republicans to Washington will merely empower folks who do not believe in choice, who do not believe in democracy.”
  • “In Northeast Ohio, you have counties that were traditionally in the Democratic base stretching from Toledo all the way to the Pennsylvania border, that have largely fallen to Republicans,” he described. “And what you saw was a sweep for Issue 1, from Toledo all the way to Erie, Pennsylvania. And I really think that is a blueprint for how Sherrod Brown could win another term.”
  • In past statements, Bernie Moreno has backed a 15-week national abortion ban that allows states to impose stiffer restrictions.
  • On Meet the Press, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said he’d vote for a national ban if it came up in the U.S. Senate. He wasn’t specific about what he wanted to see, but said he voted for Ohio’s six-week ban and described it as “a good standard.”
  • State Sen. Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls prefers leaving the decision to the state, but The Dispatch reports he’d give a national ban “a second look.”
  • Ohio Capital Journal reached out to all three candidates to see if they had any comment in the wake of Issue 1’s results. None of them responded.

National Journal Hotline:

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