#PinkVirginia Halloween Edition – Day 8

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Welcome to Day #8 of the Pink Virginia Campaign.  We have some special Halloween ideas to help you #PinkVirginia.

“Let’s get it done!”….Stair Calhoun, Ambassador of Buzz – Friday Power Lunch

ALL IN to #PinkVirginia,

Post Photos of how you are PINKING THE VOTE on Social Media

Stair, Katherine, Robbin and Finale

DAY 8 – Post Photos of how you are PINKING THE VOTE on Social Media

Post the PINK VA graphic(s) on your social media platforms! Write a short personal statement to remind folks to vote and why it is so IMPORTANT! Use hashtag #PinkVirginia! (Click or right click the images to download!)

Woof woof… Dogs for Democrats

Day 8 – #PinkVirginia Halloween Punch


6 c. ice

1/2 gal. apple cider

1 (750 mL) bottle Prosecco, chilled 

1 c. vodka

2 (12-oz.) can ginger beer

3 apples, sliced

2 oranges, sliced into triangles, plus more for rimming

8 cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sugar, for rimming


Step 1 – In a large punch bowl, add ice. Pour in apple cider, Prosecco, vodka, and ginger beer. Add apples, oranges, and cinnamon sticks. 

Step 2 – Using an orange slice, wet rim of glasses, then dip into cinnamon sugar, turning to coat. Serve punch in rimmed glasses.

Step 3 – Toast to a #PinkVirginia


Phone Bank – Register Dems in VA with The Union and Field Team 6! RSVP

Tuesday, Oct 31: 4:00-6:00pmET

Join Field Team 6 and our incredible partner The Union in making phone calls to unregistered likely Democrats… and turning them into registered Virginia Democrats! 

We need to make sure Dems control the VA state legislature so Glenn Youngkin and his band of right wingers don’t ban abortion, enact a host of Trumpy policies, and fuel Youngkin’s presidential ambitions!

Phone calls are one of the most effective possible ways to do this. So let’s GOOOO! and get it done!


For more resources and to stay up on all things #PinkVirginia, go to the #PInkVirginia resource page.

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