Rogan’s List – October 31, 2023

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October 31, 2023

Election updates, demand release of hostages, COVID boosters, and more!


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  • HOME STRETCH FOR VIRGINIA AND OHIOWill the MAGA Republican party have full control of the state of Virginia, or will Democrats gain control in the state legislature? Will Ohio enshrine reproductive rights in its state constitution? These issues are on the ballot this November 7. There’s still time for us to help get out the vote in these elections. Let’s check out the website of Grassroots Democrats Headquarters and sign up to phonebank, textbank, and if we can, canvass. Let’s win these elections!
  • DEMAND THE RELEASE OF THE HOSTAGES HELD BY HAMASOn 10/7/23, Hamas terrorists murdered 1400 Israeli civilians, and kidnapped more than 230 infants, toddlers, children, elderly, women, and men, currently reportedly being held in the Hamas underground military tunnel complex. Three weeks later, only 4 hostages have been releasedLet’s contact our senator, congressperson, and the White House, and demand the hostages be released, that humanitarian corridors be maintained in Gaza for evacuation of civilians and delivery of humanitarian aid, and that any cease fire include both demands.

  • NON-PARTISAN VOTER GUIDE FOR 2023As we make our plans to vote in the November 7, 2023, elections, we have great resource to consult. Voter Guides, a project of Youth Service America, are nonpartisan, and written clearly and concisely by veteran journalists to help us compare candidates and understand what’s at stake in any elections this year. If we’re in GA, OH, PA, KY, MI, VA, let’s look at the Voter Guides so we can make informed decisions when we cast our ballots. All of us can subscribe so we know when Voter Guides will be available for our elections. h/t Civics Center


  • NY – URGE LEADERSHIP TO ASSURE DUE PROCESS FOR ASYLUM SEEKERSA recent report from the Safe Harbor Clinic at the Brooklyn College Law School found that New York denied a far greater percentage of asylum applications than many other states, including Texas and Florida. This was attributed to “a culture of fear” in which workers were threatened with job loss if they didn’t process applications as quickly as possible. Since it takes much longer to grant asylum than to reject an application, only 5-7% of asylum applications were granted. Let’s reach out to Mayor Eric Adams of New York City and Governor Kathy Hochul and demand that every asylum seeker be afforded due process and a full review of their application.


A name in this entry in yesterday’s List was incorrect. Here is the corrected entry. Thanks to our readers for keeping us honest!

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