Thanks, Obama!

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Thanks, Obama!

We are 15 days away from Election Day when Democrats will show up and vote YES on Issue 1. And this week, a VIP (very important president) tweeted about little ole Ohio. *air horn noise* 

The nation is watching us, Ohio. Let’s make sure we have a strong showing to protect reproductive rights. 

Volunteer With Us!

hio Democrats and our volunteers across the state have been working hard to get the word out about voting YES by November 7. So far we have made over 214,000 calls and knocked on over 174,000 doors, which is INCREDIBLE. We’re so thankful to those of you who have picked up a shift or two.

BUT there’s more work to be done. We need to talk to voters in every corner of the state and make sure they have a plan to vote YES on Issue 1 by November 7th. Hey, Obama says so!

You can sign up for a canvassing shift using our canvass calendar below.

Canvass Calendar

Can’t join us on the doors? Sign up to make some calls! Ohio Democrats have pledged to make one million phone calls to voters about the November election. View our phonebank calendar and pick a few times to get on the dialer!

Phonebank Calendar

Ohio’s Biggest Losers

We’re now 20 days since Kevin McCarthy was ousted as Speaker of the House – and we still don’t have a new permanent Speaker. Ohio’s least favorite Congressman Jim Jordan technically remains the frontrunner to be the next Speaker. But after multiple votes, he’s still struggling to get enough support from his own party to move forward. 

What’s more humiliating…

Making yourself the face of an unpopular issue and losing by 14 points


Running for Speaker of the House 3 times and losing each time by a wider margin?

Something About the Senate

The three candidates currently in the GOP Senate Primary met last weekend behind closed doors for a scorcher of a debate. Unsurprisingly, the candidates spent the whole time attacking each other, rather than talking about the issues that matter most to Ohoians. Oh, and Matt Dolan was also there.

he race continues to heat up, and Moreno keeps taking shots at LaRose both in public and private. Check out the memo that has been circulating within Moreno’s circles. LaRose is too busy trying to hit his goal of 7482 scandals in this calendar year to notice. 

Speaking of LaRose’s scandals, Ohio taxpayers announced this week that they’ve submitted three separate public records requests to state agencies, calling for answers on LaRose’s decision to move the official Secretary of State office to the same building as his campaign headquarters. LaRose has been dodging questions for weeks, leaving Ohioans in the dark about his wasteful spending of their taxpayer dollars.

It’s bad enough that LaRose is mixing work with pleasure, and earlier this month, the Ohio Capital Journal released a report showing that LaRose potentially blurred ethical lines even more (which is somehow still possible) by recording a campaign interview that appeared to take place in the building where he is moving his taxpayer-funded state offices. 

This is all on top of the fact that LaRose’s recent campaign filing shows his campaign on “life support” when compared to the two millionaires he’s running against. 

Do you think Loser LaRose can hang on for another scandal?

Events Corner

Ohio Democrats have some exciting events coming up. Keep reading below to see if any of them are happening in your area.

Drinks with Dems Columbus – GOTV Edition

Ohio Democrats are BACK with another Drinks with Dems event. This time, we will be in Columbus. Join us for this casual cocktail hour to mingle with local Democrats and get fired up for the November 7th Election. Funds raised at the event will help us turn out Democrats to vote YES on Issue 1

Happy Hour with Congresswoman Kaptur

Join the longest serving woman in the history of Congress and one of Ohio’s Frontline candidates, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur for an event in Columbus. Maybe she’ll even recreate this iconic moment

Friend of the Party Cocktail Party

The boys from Pod Save America are hitting the road and will be stopping in Cleveland on Sunday, October 29th at 7pm.

Ohio Democrats are so excited to be hosting a Friend of the Party Cocktail Hour immediately before the live show from 4:30-6:30pm. 

Checkout the ticket levels below:

Champion of the Party | $250
Includes entry to Cocktail Hour, ticket to Pod Save America show at Mimi Ohio Theatre, and Friend of the Party Swag Bag

Friend of the Party | $100
Includes entry to Cocktail Hour and Friend of the Party Swag Bag

Young Dems | $25
Includes entry to Cocktail Hour


Dayton Daily News: Dems question Secretary of State office move amid LaRose Senate campaign

Youngstown Vindicator: LaRose lags in fundraising for US Senate race

Ohio Capital Journal: What is Ohio Issue 1? We explain the proposed abortion rights amendment

Youngstown Vindicator: Sen. Brown touts new loan fund for E. Palestine businesses

CNN: FDA plans to propose ban on hair-straightening chemical products linked to health risk

Have you voted yet?

With Ohio’s pivotal ballot measure on reproductive rights gaining momentum – and early ballots already being cast – we have one question for you: Have you voted yet?

Time is of the essence, and the countdown to Election Day is on.Will you commit to vote for Issue 1 on or before November 7?

Here’s the deal: Anti-choice extremists are pouring substantial resources into their efforts to undermine Issue 1. They’re worried and fighting hard to tear it down and advance their own extremist anti-choice agenda.

They’ve seen what we’ve seen: Across the country, voters have streamed to the polls in support of reproductive rights – and now it’s Ohio’s turn to make a stand for these rights.

We can’t stress enough that your vote matters. Your voice is a powerful tool, and we’re not just asking you to cast your vote. We’re asking you to champion this cause, rally your friends, family, and neighbors, and remind them of the critical importance of this election.

Sign our petition now to commit to voting in support of Issue 1, and then if you can, make a contribution to help us reach every voter in Ohio and ensure we can protect a full range of reproductive rights in our constitution >>>

Your action today can make a world of difference.

Every waking moment until the election, we’re mobilizing everyone here at Team Ohio Dems to get out on the ground and educate voters on exactly what our state’s Republicans have done in an attempt to mislead voters about the reproductive rights initiative on next month’s ballot.

Let’s recap: In August, conservatives dove deep into their bag of tricks to try to make it harder to amend the state Constitution ahead of the November ballot measure to protect reproductive rights in the state Constitution – and they snuck this change onto the August special election ballot knowing it has historically low turnout. Then when you saw through their slimy efforts and stopped them, they doubled down and rewrote deceitful language for the amendment on the November ballot. They wrote it to intentionally mislead voters about exactly what the ballot measure would do. They made it as confusing as possible to try and make sure that you wouldn’t understand what rights it affects so that you’d vote against it.

We’re here to set the record straight.  

Voting YES on Issue 1 next month means protecting the right to abortion, IVF, contraception – the full range of reproductive health care. It’s as simple as that.

So while Republicans resort to dirty tricks to win your vote, we’ll be hitting the ground throughout Ohio to ensure you know exactly what this election is about and what passing Issue 1 would mean for our state.

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