Breaking news: Republicans (again) present illegal maps

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Breaking news: Once again, Republicans have pushed forward with redistricting maps that give themselves a massive electoral advantage at the expense of Ohio voters’ right to make our voices heard equally.

In the redistricting commission meeting, the GOP introduced new maps skewed heavily and unconstitutionally Republican, ignoring the law and the will of Ohioans – and then adopted them as their working document in the same meeting.

Meanwhile, Ohio Democrats have been pushing for constitutional maps that would ensure fair representation for voters.

Over and over, courts have rejected the GOP’s rigged maps for allowing Ohio Republicans to pick and choose their own voters rather than allow Ohioans to elect our own representation.

But the GOP keeps ignoring the law of the land in favor of pursuing their own political power, even as they claim their focus is on protecting Ohio’s Constitution.

Abortion is on the ballot

Abortion is on the ballot: This November, we’ll have the chance to vote on protecting reproductive rights in the Ohio Constitution.

That doesn’t just mean the right to abortion – it’s also about contraception, miscarriage care and fertility treatment.

This is healthcare to which everyone should be entitled. But right now in Ohio, Republican politicians have put themselves and their politics directly into healthcare decisions that should be between women, their doctors, and their families – with devastating results. Already, patients have been forced to leave the state or go without care entirely.

Here’s what voting YES on Issue 1 means for Ohio:

This isn’t the first time abortion and reproductive rights have been taken directly to the voters since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

Every time abortion has been on the ballot – from California, Michigan, and Vermont, which passed state constitutional amendments guaranteeing the right to reproductive care, to Kansas, Montana, and Kentucky, which all rejected measures that would have restricted care – voters have affirmed that in the United States, reproductive healthcare is a right.

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