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September 2023 Beneficiaries Climate Cabinet Action
State Senate Candidate
Schuyler VanValkenburg

It’s become clear to most of us that addressing the climate crisis requires smart, informed policies and given the state of our opposition, enacting those policies requires winning elections. So this month we turn our attention to Virginia, where protecting the environment is very much on the ballot. Lean Left Vermont is supporting two beneficiaries who are putting climate policy front and center where it belongs.

  • Climate Cabinet Action (CCA) helps local leaders run, win, and legislate on climate change.
  • State Senate candidate, Schuyler VanValkenburg, a strong environmental advocate, is endorsed by CCA and Sister District.

In 2019, our victories meant that Virginia became a leader in the clean energy transition, passing major climate bills into law. Now we have the chance to build on that success. Flipping the House and holding, if not expanding, the Senate is key. According to Blair St. Ledger-Olson, CCA’s Legislative Director, “Had it not been for the Virginia Senate’s pro-climate majority, the state’s standing as being the climate leaders of the South would have been erased.” 

Multiple climate events this summer remind us of our interdependence when it comes to the environment. Ultimately, our work winning elections in Virginia will help our southern neighbors—and will help us here in Vermont. 

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It’s crunch time in Virginia! Early vote starts September 22nd, so we’ll be recruiting poll observers to make sure voters can cast their ballots and have their votes count. We’ll also be calling voters of color to Get Out the Vote. 

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Join us for Lean Left’s Power Hour—anytime between 3 and 5 pm—where we’ll be working together to make these important calls to Virginia voters. We’ll have a check-in at the end of each hour so we can share the results of our calls.
NOTE: The PowerHour is a working session and does not include training. Contact Dana or Rebecca before attending the PowerHour if you have questions or would like a refresher on how to make calls. Email us at

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