Great news about our Fox/Murdochs/FCC action! #MakingProgress!

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Tweeted about our petition to hold Fox and the Murdochs accountable. Unfortunately, as is often the case he distorts the truth. The issue is not about “misinformation.” Having a broadcast license is a privilege – not a right. Read our petition for more information. 

Our FCC Petition to Deny Fox Television Stations and the Murdochs’ license to use our broadcast airwaves – is still big news and moving forward!

Our petition captured the attention of Senator Ted Cruz. He used the opportunity to spread disinformation about the petition on Twitter, with a disingenuous rallying cry for “free speech.” He was promptly reminded on Twitter of book and body bans. Please read our informative response to habitual disinformer Ted Cruz, to learn why our petition is not a “first amendment” case.

Lot’s of folks would like to submit comments to the FCC about our petition, so we’ve requested that the FCC make it easier to submit comments to the them. Fox has filed a letter in opposition to increased engagement. 

Our Fox/FCC work in the news…
An insightful Editorial Board piece that captures the essence of our petition (reposted with permission of the Toledo Blade on our website). 
“The Fox-owned station in Philadelphia is up for license renewal. A volunteer citizens group called the Media and Democracy Project is challenging the license over the character clause.”
“The FCC character challenge against Fox Broadcast would administer a more significant lesson about the abuse of a public trust and the government-licensed use of the public airwaves.”

Please read / amplify our Tweet/X clarifying why our action is not a “Free Speech” issue. 

In the news…
What are a healthy journalism ecosystem and a truly representative democracy up against? This week, the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal published a flattering opinion piece on the ethically-challenged Justice Alito; which was written by the lawyer blocking investigation into Leonard Leo’s “gifts” to Supreme Court Justices. 

Help us fight for a a better-informed America, and a media that is more pro-democracy.

ACTION #1 Donate to help fund our efforts to hold Fox accountable.Please donate and invest in our work for a better informed America. Please spread the word and share our fundraising link more people can support our efforts. We are all volunteer with no paid staff and attorneys aren’t cheap!

ACTION #2 Sign up to join us Monday, August 7, at 7pm ET, for our regular biweekly zoom meeting. 
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ACTION #3 Want to be a superstar and help us #FixMediaNow? Here is our bi-weekly guide with additional actions you can take.  

ACTION #4 Read and Praise Our Media and Democracy Hero of the Week: Alissa Quart wrote an opinion piece in the Columbia Journalism Review, about lifestyle media outlets that cater to the experiences of everyday people. Instead of the usual articles written about real estate and food, that feel like “wealth tourism,” Alissa Quart praised media that centers community and the people behind the fancy chefs (restaurant staff and farm workers), and the people that desire and require stable housing. 

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