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Democrats, This past week we announced our statewide tour to #TakeBackFL. The #TakeBackFL Tour will take FDP across the state working with local Democratic Party leaders and elected officials to fire up Democrats – we’ll be organizing with DECs to meet voter registration goals, re-enroll folks in vote by mail, and to talk to the people in your communities about the issues that matter to them the most. We will be visiting Volusia, Orange, and Seminole counties the first week of the tour, and further stops will be listed on Mobilize. Announced with this tour was our $1 million investment in voter registration efforts. We are investing in partisan voter registration with the goal of cutting into the Republican advantage in this state. We will not let the DeSantis voter suppression laws stop of from ensuring that every eligible Floridian has the chance to become a voter. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to meet so many of my fellow Democrats on your home turf. You’re on the front lines of our fight to take back Florida, and I want you to know how important the work you’re doing is. Together we can #TakeBackFL. See you on tour!
Nikki Fried
Florida Democratic Party

We are so excited for the launch of our #TakeBackFL Tour! Our first week will take us on a swing through Central FL as we prepare for a special election in HD 35 and engage with voters throughout Orange, Volusia, and Seminole counties! Sign up below to join us on tour!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2023 9:30 AM – Take Back Volusia | Sign Up

6:00 PM – Take Back Orlando | Sign Up 

Thursday, August 4, 202311:00 AM – Take Back Seminole | Sign Up

Click Here for #TakeBackFL Tour Talking Points

Chairs Community Champion

Nominations are now open for the Chair’s Community Champion Award! The Chair’s award will recognize community leaders and/or active volunteers, honoring an individual’s outstanding contribution to their community. The Chair’s award will celebrate unsung heroes serving both our party and their communities who deserve recognition. 

A new Honoree will be announced each month beginning August 2023 and recognized through the FDP website, newsletter, and social media channels. For additional nomination criteria, please review the nomination form below. 

2023 Community Champions Nomination Form

FDP’s New Logo

At the Leadership Blue Gala we launched our New Day for Florida Democrats hype video – revealing FDP’s new logo and brand and reclaiming the red, white, and blue.

Individual logo kits have been shared with county DECs who would like to adopt the new branding.Click the video below to watch!

Statewide Spotlight

Congratulations to the new Aventura Dems Club on a great event! Thank you for your hard work to win back HD 106!

FDP also sends a huge thank you to Volusia DEC for sending their list of elected officials with contact information! Having the most up to date contact information for our Democratic leaders on the ground is crucial for our ability to perform outreach.

FDP Voter Registration Guidance

Effective July 1, 2023, SB 7050 makes a number of changes to Florida Voter Registration laws.

As of July 1, all DECs, Clubs, Caucuses, and affiliated organizations must stop using FDP’s 3P number.

No volunteers or party leaders are currently authorized to be agents of the FDP 3P number, and this authorization will not be extended to volunteers.

To continue registering voters, FDP recommends use of electronic devices to register voters through the online application – which requires no receipt, protects volunteers from penalties of missing the deadline, and no applicant information is retained.

If a DEC, Club, or Caucus continues to operate with a 3P, they must register for their own number with the state Division of Elections.

Please review the full guidance at the link below, and contact with any questions.

Click Here to View FDP VR Guidance

Ballot Petitions

Floridians Protecting Freedom launched a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give Florida voters the chance to ensure that their personal medical decisions are theirs and theirs alone to make. Volunteers can sign up to help and also sign up for training at the FPF page linked here.

Many DECs and Caucuses are also carrying the Florida Right to Clean Water petition as they knock on doors and talk to voters. We encourage all of our DECs to carry both of these petitions.

FDP will be supporting this effort and we have added both petitions to our petitions page. We are urging all of our DECs, Clubs, and Caucuses to collect signatures for both of these ballot measures.

FDP News Digest

‘All hands on deck’: Florida Democrats to drop $1 million on voter registration push

Demócratas de Florida invirtieron $1 millón en la inscripción de electores

Florida Democrats Launch Voter Registration Program to Reverse Party’s Precipitous Decline

As numbers for GOP keep adding up, Democrats declare ‘turf war’ by investing $1M in voter registration

MSNBC: The Beat / Katie Phang interview with Chair Nikki Fried – MSNBC Democrats invest $1 million to registering voters. Is that enough? Or just a start?

Demócratas de Florida lanzan iniciativa para impulsar el registro de votantesLet

Ron be Ron? Nikki Fried says that’s the problem

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Most importantly, we believe that we are stronger together. We believe the fundamental American promise — that you can go as far as your own hard work will take you — should shine brightest in Florida.

That is why we champion the middle class and cherish the principle that all Floridians should have the opportunity to work hard and succeed. That is why we will never stop fighting for better public schools, because education is the surest path to a better life for millions.

From standing for affordable health care and better schools to fighting for civil rights and access to the ballot box, Florida Democrats are leading every day to move our state forward.

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