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Where We Stand

This week the former MAGA president was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. We await the decision of the grand jury in Atlanta. As Americans, we deserve leaders who follow the law, act honorably in our interests and govern in our name. A Grand Jury of everyday Americans across race, background and party has indicted the former MAGA President for bribes and corruption, weighing the evidence and deciding he must stand trial. Yet the MAGA Republicans in office trying to take away our freedoms supported, schemed and lied for him, and now want to undermine and overturn our entire legal system to keep covering up for him. They knowingly back this con-man because they want to take away everything from Social Security to our freedom to decide what happens to our own bodies in order to rule for the wealthiest few. It’s long past time for every Republican in office to declare they are with the American people in demanding he and his co-conspirators stand trial.

We will continue our work to hold elected officials accountable. Our mission has not changed.

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We are a statewide network of Indivisible volunteer-led groups in Georgia. Our mission: connect people to local groups, share resources, & coordinate action. Donations are deeply appreciated

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