GOP corruption knows no bounds.

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GOP elephant with cash


With each passing day, we are learning more about what really went on behind the scenes with top Republican officials in the biggest corruption scandal in Ohio history. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

➡️ In 2017, FirstEnergy executives flew disgraced former Speaker Larry Householder and his associate, Jeff Longstreth, out to D.C. to be wine and dined.

➡️ Then, bank accounts for a dark money group “Generation Now” and “Partners for Progress” were opened shortly after, accumulating MILLIONS of dollars after a string of shady emails between top Republicans and FirstEnergy executives.

➡️ Now, Ohio Democrats are working around the clock to ensure that the corrupt Republicans who were involved in these illegal schemes are held accountable – but we need your support to fight back.

That’s why we’re asking: Will you chip in $5, $10, or whatever you can, to help Ohio Democrats fight back against the GOP’s party-over-people leadership and bring corrupt Ohio Republicans to justice?


All in all, Larry Householder accumulated $61 million in dark-money contributions to try to buy himself a speakership and pass a $1.3 billion dollar nuclear and coal plant bailout. And Matt Borges was enlisted to gather inside information to try and prevent Ohioans from getting the chance to vote on this measure!

While Householder and Borges are the ones on trial, the corruption and exploitation of working Ohioans run far deeper – from Governor Mike DeWine to Matt Dolan to Dave Yost and Frank LaRose.

Ohioans deserve answers. And we’re fighting tooth and nail to bring accountability and transparency to Ohio. If you’re with us in this fight, rush immediate support >>

Thank you,

The Ohio Democrats

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