The Blue Beginning Happy Hour is back!

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We’re back at the Hideout!

and we’re hosting a progressive candidates’ forum this Thursday February 16

Remember Blue Beginning’s monthly happy hours at the Hideout? Long ago in pre-Covid times, when the land was ruled by a horrible orange monster, we would convene at the coolest bar in town to mingle, plot, have a drink, and trade gossip with pols, pundits, and each other. Today we’re thrilled to announce that the Blue Beginning Happy Hour is back. We’ll gather again at the Hideout on the third Thursday of every month. We’ll talk politics and trash with the most interesting insiders and outliers we can find. And we’ll record the proceedings to share with listeners of WCPT 820, Chicago’s Progressive Talk Radio.

To kick off the series we have a special and very timely program: a chance to hear from the real progressives in the mayor’s race, namely Chuy Garcia, Brandon Johnson, and Kam Buckner. Who deserves your vote? Who has a way to win? Who’s got an idea that will get the city’s mojo working? We’ll try hard to get the candidates off their talking points and on to some provocative discussion. And of course, the bar will be open.

1354 W. Wabansia. Doors open 4:30, program starts at 5. Admission is free but you’ll be helping us if you RSVP here.

Be there. Will be wild!

Phone bank to flip
Wisconsin’s Supreme Court

Meanwhile we’re working hard on the most important election you never heard of, Wisconsin’s February 21 “nonpartisan primary” to elect a new Supreme Court judge. This little-known election gives us a big chance to correct the course of Wisconsin politics for years to come. Electing a progressive here will give us a 4-3 majority on the court, which will help Governor Tony Evers protect the state (and the nation!) against the extremism of its egregiously gerrymandered state legislature. Will Wisconsin start enforcing an abortion ban passed in 1849? Will voter suppression and rigged election rules favor Republicans in ways that could tip the 2024 elections? These questions and many more are on the ballot.

In the February 21 primary voters will choose two candidates who will face off in April. We’re working to ensure that at least one of them is a progressive who will stand up for women’s rights, fair elections, and the rule of law. The way to do that is to turn out as many Democrats as we can in the few days we have left. Our phone banks have a national rep for thorough training and patient one-on-one support. We have sessions scheduled for this Monday and Wednesday, February 13 and 15. Join us here

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