All the Registered Ladies, Put Your Hands Up

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We had a busy week on the campaign trail, so let’s jump right in.

Tickets Are Going Fast, Don’t Miss Out

The 2022 Ohio Democrats Family Reunion will take place later this month on Saturday, September 24. Join us for an afternoon of entertainment featuring speakers Sherrod Brown, Tim Ryan, Nan Whaley, and more.

Tickets are limited and are going fast. Be sure to purchase your ticket today.

Chair Walters Unanimously Re-Elected

On Tuesday, Liz Walters was re-elected Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, beginning her first full four-year term.

Chair Walters released the following statement after her re-election,“Ohio Democrats have made meaningful progress over the last two years, and I’m honored to help lead the party toward four more years of continued success. With the help of our stakeholders, partners and candidates, Ohio Democrats will continue to be laser-focused on investing in working families, showing voters we are on their side, and winning up and down the ballot.”

In her first 20 months as Chair, Liz Walters rebuilt the Ohio Democratic Party with a vision for longterm party-building infrastructure. Under Chairwoman Walter’s leadership, Ohio Democrats have: 

  • Rebuilt lapsed relationships with national stakeholders, statewide donors, and partners in the labor and progressive movements
  • Listened. Throughout the winter and spring of 2021, Chair Walters conducted 52 feedback sessions with progressive and Democratic leaders and organizations. We heard from 1,000+ candidates, elected officials, party activists and volunteers, and union members and used their feedback to inform our approach to winning in November.
  • Recruited 781 new Democrats to run for local office in 2021. Across Ohio, we elected 382 of these leaders and beat back radical school board candidates – all while up against $4 million in GOP spending.
  • Battled (and continued the battle) for fair maps for Ohio voters through the redistricting hell of 2022, two primaries, and the most challenging candidate recruitment timeline our party has ever navigated.
  • Reimagined Ohio Democrats’ website and rooted our brand in Ohio’s workers. If you haven’t seen our new website and merch, check it out. 
  • Worked to rebuild relationships with our county parties. From helping over 50 county parties reorganize, to hosting a county party leaders summit last month with over 100 participants, we’ve only just begun the work to strengthen this critical part of our infrastructure.
  • Built a research and communications hub focused on holding Republicans accountable, relentlessly.
  • Built up the strongest and largest field program Ohio has seen in almost a decade. And even better, it is over 60% diverse, 90% of our organizers are from Ohio, and is the largest organizing program in the country this year. That’s correct – we have more organizers on the ground than Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin. If you haven’t volunteered for a shift with the Ohio Workers First Campaign, yet, you can find an opportunity near you here.

This is just a short list of ways in which Chair Liz Walters has been working to build long term Democratic power in Ohio, and she’s just getting started. Congratulations on your re-election, Chairwoman! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish over the next four years. Show your support for Chair Walters here.

All the Registered Ladies, Put Your Hands Up

We had a feeling Ohioans would be angry following the decision on Dobbs v. Jackson, and Democrats in Ohio are proving our theory correct. Voter registration and volunteer numbers for Ohio Democrats are through the roof.

A recent analysis of voter data by TargetSmart shows that Ohio women have out-registered men by an 11-point margin since June 24th. These women are younger (under 35), live in urban areas, and are likely to vote Democratic by 15 points. Additionally, this summer, 5,000 volunteers signed up through our organizing team in the two weeks following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Don’t underestimate the power of Ohio women. Mike DeWine and J.D. Vance will be sorry come November.

New Tim Ryan Poll

The latest Ohio Senate poll shows Tim Ryan in a dead heat with J.D. Vance. The poll also shows Vance is getting more unpopular with voters. Tim Ryan holds “an impressive 23-point lead among self-ID independents.” 

We know this race is going to be close. Shoring up our base, while consolidating  undecided voters will make the difference in this election. It’s no surprise Ohio voters are uninterested in a phony Californian who made his money by making fun of Ohioans in a sh*$#y book and by defrauding Ohio communities riddled by the opioid epidemic.

McConnell Complains AGAIN About J.D. Vance

Tim Ryan is winning and J.D. Vance knows it. Mitch McConnell knows it too. 

After spending the primary whining about Mitch McConnell, J.D. Vance has suddenly changed his tune now that he needs the Republican Leader’s special interest millions to keep his struggling campaign afloat.

After Peter Thiel bankrolled J.D. Vance’s primary campaign with $15 million, a series of unfortunate events (for Republicans) have taken place: 

  1. Over the summer, Vance disappeared from Ohio while his campaign went dark and broke. The NRSC and One Nation was then forced to shell out close to $5 million to help resuscitate J.D’s failing campaign.
  2. That didn’t quite do the trick. So then, McConnell was forced to take money out of Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin to the tune of $28 million. He’s now spending that money in Ohio in a desperate attempt to build up Vance, while attacking middle class champion Tim Ryan.
  3. This week, with his tail between his legs, McConnell begged Theil for more money, saying “Vance’s race in Ohio was proving more costly for the Senate Leadership Fund than anticipated.”

It’s always a great day when you get to watch Mitch McConnell fight with a billionaire donor about whose responsibility it is to pick up the dog poop.

The Senate majority will come down to Ohio. We need your help to make sure McConnell remains the minority leader.

New Nan Ad

Nan Whaley launched a new ad this week highlighting the reality of living in the state with the most anti-choice Governor in the country. Thanks to DeWine, any abortion care in Ohio after 6 weeks is a felony for patients and doctors.

Let me be clear, Mike DeWine is the most extreme candidate on the ballot this November.

Nan Whaley is the pro-choice candidate for Governor. Her track record proves that she will protect a woman’s right to choose

New Congressional Ads

Ohio’s two “Red to Blue” Democratic Congressional Candidates – Greg Landsman (OH-01) and Emilia Sykes (OH-13) – have new ads this week. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Flavor of the Week

This week, we asked Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur her favorite Ohio ice cream store.

“In my district I go to Tofts, in Sandusky in Erie county. Locally I like this place in Sylvania called Handles.”

When asked her favorite ice cream flavor, the Congresswoman said, “That’s a hard question. Butter Pecan probably, but I really like Moose Tracks ice cream at Tofts, which is Ohio’s oldest Dairy. I love Handles Chocolate Chip.” 

Sadly, the Congresswoman hasn’t had any this year because she is busy on the campaign trail proving she is the best representative for Ohio workers. Let’s keep Marcy Kaptur in office.


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Until Next Week

Summer is almost over and time is ticking for us to win this November.

We have a lot of work to do to get more field organizers on the ground in every corner of the state. We have offices to open, phones banks to hold, canvasses to launch, and of course – thousands of unregistered Democrats to register by Election Day. To do this, we need your help and we need it now. Please consider contributing as much as you can to help build the infrastructure needed to win.

If you’re unsure about how much you can still contribute to help us win in November and beyond, simply reply to this email. My team will respond with what you can still do to help us grow the team.

As always, thank you for standing with us. We are so grateful for your incredible support.

I hope to see you out on the campaign trail,

Tommy Greene
ODP Senior Advisor 

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