“DeWine Debate Watch,” “Weak After Week” And “You Still Didn’t Want The Money:” The Mess Surrounding Mike DeWine’s Campaign This Week

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Good Monday afternoon, and welcome back to Mike Check, your weekly source of all the infighting, conspiracy spewing and corruption that’s making headlines in and around Mike DeWine’s campaign and statehouse, courtesy of the Ohio Democratic Party. 

Here are some stories you may have missed:

DEWINE DEBATE WATCH. As debate season starts to ramp up in the closing weeks and days of the election cycle, Mike DeWine has continued to duck committing to debates across Ohio with Mayor Nan Whaley, even as the Mayor has already publicly agreed and challenged DeWine to a number of debates. DeWine also dodged a debate with his primary opponents earlier this year, signaling that he is scared to defend his record to Ohioans, especially since he’s debated political opponents in the past. The Ohio Democratic Party is launching ‘DeWine Debate Watch’ today, to remind Ohioans that DeWine won’t even try to make his case to them as he seeks re-election to the highest statewide executive office. 

Ohioans deserve answers from DeWine on a number of key issues, including his promise to ‘go as far as we can’ to rip away reproductive rights, his broken promise to ‘do something’ to combat gun violence in Ohio, his connections to the largest public corruption scandal in state history and his role in the failed redistricting process that produced GOP-gerrymandered maps and cost Ohioans millions of dollars. 

WEAK AFTER WEEK. Mike DeWine continues to show how weak he really is, refusing to take a stand on issues critical to Ohio voters until it becomes politically convenient for him and his special interest pals. Last week was no different when DeWine refused to take a stand on student loan forgiveness. Instead of saying if forgiveness was right or wrong, all DeWine could utter was a weak no comment, saying it was “difficult to be for or against it.” A profile in courage, as always. 

YOU STILL DIDN’T WANT THE MONEY. It’s a day that ends in Y so we know Mike DeWine is trying to plot his next event touting critical funding for law enforcement he initially opposed. Last Thursday, he took his pathetic and shameless “photo op of a Democratic victory” tour to Gallia County, where the American Rescue Plan will provide a much-needed boost to police in southeastern Ohio. Ohioans need to remember, DeWine has repeatedly taken credit for this critical federal money that was passed by Ohio Democrats (without a single Republican on the ballot this fall’s support) and that he’s on the record opposing the cash. Bottom line, DeWine is in trouble, he knows it and he continues to stoop to any level to come off as likable.

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