What should we do now?

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What should we do now? 

We don’t blame you for asking; we’ve had quite a week. The Supreme Court has upended 50 years of legal precedent (abortion policy should be left to the states) and made it easier for Americans to carry guns (gun policy cannot be left to the states). Meanwhile it becomes increasingly clear that our government narrowly averted a coup d’etat conducted by the former president. And that the court is packed with judges who lied to get there. How do we respond to this?

That’s a question that Blue Beginning and Indivisible Chicago were created to answer. Our mission has always been to help you achieve your political goals. We are watching the trends, counting the votes, talking with the campaigns, constantly scanning the scene to find the ways you can make the biggest difference. In the days to come we’ll have plenty to say about the events of the past week and how we fight back against them. But right now the answer to the question is simple: What do we do now? Focus on the Illinois primary.

Tomorrow, June 28, we have a chance to send two excellent progressive women to the US House of Representatives, where women and progressives are desperately needed. In what is sure to be an extremely low-turnout election, Delia Ramirez and Kina Collins both have a chance to win, ifwe help them in the campaign’s closing hours. Let’s not wake up on Wednesday wishing we had done just a little more. Let’s do a little more right now. Look here for things to do in the final days.

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