Rally Tonight 5:30 PM

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Had enough? Rally tonight 5:30 PM

Here’s a special message from our colleagues at Indivisible Chicago:

The US Supreme Court has thrown gasoline on the fire already burning across this country. 

With today’s ruling reversing the right to an abortion,the Court has attacked women’s basic right to make the decisions that control their lives. With this brutal decision, the Court opens the door to attacks on a seemingly endless list of individual freedoms. Make no mistake: the reverberations of this ruling will touch each of us and the people we love. 

What’s next? Limiting access to birth control? A blanket ruling ending our right to sexual privacyGreen-lighting the raft of discriminatory laws restricting our right to love, laws that so far have been generally struck down by the courts? Or will the Court make a direct hit on the right to same-sex marraige and inter-racial marraige? While Red states work on the laws that can make all of this happen–and more–we can expect the recent rise in hate crimes to continue in communities across the country. The same forces responsible for this Supreme Court and this attack against women are responsible for attacks against BIPOC communities, immigrants, our climate – and democracy itself.

Today’s ruling strikes our freedoms and our safety with a single blow, and puts the weight of the nation’s highest court behind the growing attack on the fundamental rights of each of us. And what can we do to stop it? Demand justice – in the streets and at the ballot box. 

Step one: meet us at Federal Plaza TODAY at 5:30pm CDT as we add our outrage to that of millions across the country.   

Step two: sign up NOW to join our 2022 campaign to strengthen the Midwest blue wall. We will work to solidify Illinois’ status as a haven for women seeking abortion and overall control of their own healthcare. And we will expand our work in neighboring Wisconsin and Michigan to elect more progressive leaders who will protect the rights of all of us to make private lifestyle decisions central to our lives. An estimated 100 election-denying, right wing GOP candidates have already won their primary race for the U.S. House, Governor, and–perhaps most chilling–Secretary of State positions where they can corrupt election results across the country. 

If we allow the right wing to gain ground in this year’s election, 2024 may well be the year all of these freedoms end. 

Change starts now, and it starts with you.

Unpack the Supreme Court? Control the unlimited flow of assault weapons? Stop the surge of hate crimes against those who come to our country seeking a better life? Invest in the changes that will protect our planet? Whatever matters most to you and your family, it’s time to step off the sidelines and get into the game. 

Your freedom to love and live safely depends on it. 

Visit us at bluebeginning.org. Email us at bluebeginning2017@gmail.com. Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members

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