Use TikTok in campaigns to reach the next generation

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Use TikTok in campaigns to reach the next generation

How to use TikTok in your campaign

The revolution will not be televised – but it will be on TikTok.

Did you know that TikTok captures more monthly hours from users than Facebook and Instagram – combined?

TikToks are short and engaging. They’re free to produce and can reach millions. Use TikTok in your campaign to reach more people for less – especially the next generation of voters. Here is a quick guide to get you started.

ProChoice TikTok with 2.8 million views

This one-minute TikTok shot in a bathroom has been watched 2.8 million times! What makes Leah’s TikTok so powerful? Leah has 740K followers and she’s a great communicator. Notice:

  • A simple backdrop so viewers focus on her
  • She looks straight into the camera which zooms in and out during the TikTok to add motion
  • Explaining the issue with a simple, understandable analogy
  • Catchy background music
  • Summary: “I mean they’re right. They don’t care about viability. They care about forced birth ” 
  • Clear target audience: #roevwade #abortion #prochoice #hottake #progressive

They only care about forced birth

Use TikTok in your campaign to reach more people
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Who uses TikTok?

U.S. Monthly Active Users 138 million
TikTok Downloads: 656 million (Source)
Source: Business of Apps

Tik Tok statistics

Restaurant workers deserve a fair wage TikTok

Restaurant workers deserve a fair wage

Many young people work in restaurants and struggle to survive on wages as low as $2.13/hour. Quincey Tickner, DemLabs social media manager created this 17-second TikTok on The Restaurant workers deserve ONE FAIR WAGE – not slave era exploitation This is how Quincey created the TikTok and her suggestions on how to create your own campaign TikTok.

Prepare your TikTok storyline and visuals
Plans how to visually tell your story.
Pick your visuals and soundtrack.
Use the TikTok green screen to stay on-screen while showing an image or video behind you.
A screen recording of the One Fair Wage website was recorded with the TikTok green screen feature.

Record the TikTok
Choose an interesting backdrop for the TikTok.
This TikTok was recorded at a restaurant which was relevant for the issue of fair wages for workers
A selfie video first starts with a question to engage viewers.
A few seconds of a waiter working at the restaurant adds motion to the TikTok.
The green screen TikTok feature is used to show the One Fair Wage website recorded earlier while Quincey talks. 

Call to action and share your TikTok
The TikTok ends with an appeal to viewers to visit One Fair Wage’s website for more information
Add hashtags with over a million views and include @ to organizations mentioned in the blog

Quincey Tikner video on One Fair Wage for restaurant workers

Build a TikTok following

It takes time. Experts advise posting TikToks at least three times a day. The ideal length is 15 – 40 seconds. Have a focus area so the TikTok algorithm can identify your issue and identify other people who have shown an interest in that topic.

Use music, captions and images to increase engagement. TikTok analyzes how many people watch the content you have created? How long do they watch it for? Do they share it? The algorithm then takes these factors into account to your TikTok to determine whether to share it with other viewers.

TakeAway: Take time to see how to create TikToks for your campaign. It’s worth the effort.


Lyrics from ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised‘ by Gil-Scott Heron

You will not be able to stay home, brother
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip out for beer during commercials, because
The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox in four parts without commercial interruptions
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal
The revolution will not make you look five pounds thinner, because
The revolution will not be televised, brother

NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32 on report from 29 districts
Because Black people will be in the street looking for a brighter day
The revolution will not be televised…
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Reposted from Democracy Labs with permission.

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