My Voting Rights Are Being Violated by the State of Florida

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Voting Rights

What is America really? It is a union of 50 independent states. I would argue that the federal government has ceased to follow the Constitution because it does not currently represent the majority of Americans residing in the U.S. 

The time has come for the Democratic Party to restore the voting rights of the majority of Americans, which are being eroded by Republican states such as Texas and Florida. These states are heavily engaged in gerrymandering and suppressing the voting rights of Democrats, and by doing so they are suppressing the rights of people like myself, a registered Democrat, to take part in a fair and equal federal system of government. They are violating my First Amendment rights.

Neither the Democratic Party, Supreme Court nor Congress have sufficiently protected the constitutional voting rights of all Americans or the equal value of their votes. By failing to do so, these institutions are undermining the intent of the Constitution and threatening the future of the Union.

I therefore call on the Democratic Party, of which I am a member, to immediately initiate a legal suit against the State of Florida and others like it. I am being disenfranchised and so are all other Democrats whom you represent and who are currently residing in the U.S.

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Felicity Harley is a published journalist, writer, and a poet. Born to an English father and a Caribbean mother, educated in Europe and a former member of the British Foreign Service posted to Iran, she possesses excellent communication and networking skills. A lifelong activist and advocate across political and social affairs, she served as the Chief Executive of the World Affairs Council of Connecticut (WACCT) until June 2013, when she left to resume her writing career.

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