National Parks for sale in GOP Plan

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National Parks for sale in GOP Plan

The GOP plan proposes to sell Government assets – which includes National Parks.

‘Americans deserve to know what we will do when given the chance to govern.’ – Senator Rick Scott (R-FL).

National Parks are a public resource for all Americans to enjoy  regardless of their wealth – not just a playground for the rich. Or for others to make money from by drilling for oil or real estate investment. This map shows the 858 National Parks that could soon be sold if Republicans succeed in their land grab scheme.

The 858 Federal Parks Parks are a public resource for all Americans to enjoy  regardless of how rich or poor they are.

The GOP 11 Point Plan proposes to sell government assets such as National Parks. This would let the rich charge the public fees to visit them. Build hotels, ranch and drill for oil on these National Parks.

The 20 biggest landowners in the country own over a half-million acres each. Stop the Republican land grab for their wealthy donors.

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Republican pandering to the wealthy

“We will shrink the federal government, reduce the government work force by 25% in 5 years, sell government buildings and assets…We will stop socialism” – Senator Rick Scott (R-FL)

American families enjoying their National Parks isn’t socialism. The parks are a public resource for all Americans to enjoy. Selling the National Parks to billionaires is Republican pandering to the rich.

The Land Report publishes an annual ranking of the biggest private landowners in the US, as measured by total acreage. According to their most recent list, each of the 20 individuals and families that own the most land hold over a half-million acres each.” – Business Insider

How this infographic was created

This map was created with ArcGIS Online using data from Living Atlas. Clicking on the map reveals details on the underlying National Park and its size. The GIF image embedded in the map was created with the free iMovie app. Quotes for the GOP plan were obtained from their website. Image credit for the title to Matt Groening, creator The Simpsons.

What else is in the GOP 11 Point Plan?

  • Ending Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid within 5 years
  • Ending ACA and coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Forcing seniors, students and the working poor to pay taxes while cutting the IRS to stop it going after tax dodging billionaires
  • Denying women control over their bodies and ending most abortions
  • Blocking any gun safety regulations
  • Selling National Parks for mining, drilling and real estate development
  • Helping Putin by stopping support for the UN and cutting American armed forces by 25%
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TakeAway: Help people understand what politicians intend to do, and the importance of voting.


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