We need to elect candidates who will fight for our planet before the damage is irreversible.

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Climate change isn’t just about melting ice caps, severe weather, and ecological disruption – it’s hurting Ohioans, and here’s how:

  • Heavier rainfall will lead to more flooding in the spring;
  • More severe droughts, which hurts our agricultural industry and damages our farms – even severely impacting the mental health of our farmers;
  • And an increase in dangerous heat levels that put Ohioans at much greater risk of heatstroke and other health issues.

The science is clear: climate change is real, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t elect leaders who will fight to stop it.

This Earth Day, we are committing to the fight against climate change by supporting candidates who are willing to put in the work to fight for environmental justice. Will you join us by adding your name to our petition to recommit to voting for climate candidates?

Climate change is real, and we need leaders who will put science and people first. The fact is, these significant environmental changes are vast, racial justice issues, too. Access to clean air, water, safe spaces, and transportation during hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters, is often predetermined by the color of our skin and socioeconomic status.

Add your name today and commit to voting for candidates who will fight for environmental justice >>

Thank you,

— The Ohio Democratic Party

Here’s What They’re Saying: Statewide Republicans Critical Words against Trump Put Them in Tight Spot as He Visits Ohio

Columbus, OH — With Trump scheduled to hold a rally in Delaware County tomorrow, we’ll see Ohio Republicans stumbling over backward to kiss his ring and pledge their loyalty to the failed blogger from Florida. But Ohio Republicans haven’t always been so eager to praise Trump, which puts them in a tight spot ahead of his visit to Ohio tomorrow.  

Facing a Republican electorate that demands loyalty to Trump, could GOP politicians’ words come back to bite them if Trump calls them out? Will these GOP politicians show up tomorrow and show their support for a man they once condemned, showing once again they’ll do or say anything to advance their own interests? How will they justify their past criticisms? 

See what Republicans think about Donald Trump in their own words:  

Mike DeWine

DeWine Called Trump’s Hollywood Access Tape “Wrong, Repulsive, And Unacceptable.” “DeWine, a former U.S. senator and a likely candidate for governor in 2018, posted a three-part statement on his Twitter account Saturday that criticized Trump: ‘Donald Trump’s comments are wrong, repulsive, and unacceptable. No one should ever talk about anyone that way.’” [Cleveland.com, 10/11/16]

DeWine Said That Trump’s Refusal To Accept The Result Of The 2020 Election Threatened To Burn Down American Democracy.

“He said that the president’s refusal to accept the result of the Nov. 3 election ‘has started a fire that has threatened to burn down our Democracy.’ ‘The speech that he gave preceding the march, that he gave to the protesters served only to fan those flames, encouraging the mob behavior that ensued,’ DeWine said.” [Ohio Capital Journal, 1/8/21]

Jon Husted

Husted Said He “Can’t Bring [Himself] To Vote” For Trump Or Clinton, Said “Neither Candidate Represents My Values.”

‘At this point I can’t bring myself to vote for either,’ he told Cleveland.com of Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.‘Neither candidate represents my values. [Cincinnati.com, 10/13/16]

Husted Called Trump “Awful.” 

“Husted, who also is considering a 2018 run for governor, said he can’t endorse a candidate as Ohio’s chief elections official. But he briefly shared his thoughts on the election with cleveland.com. ‘Words cannot express how disgusted I am with both candidates,’ Husted said in a Monday interview. ‘That’s honestly how I feel. I think they’re both awful.” [Cleveland.com, 10/11/16]

Frank LaRose 

LaRose Said That He Did Not Support Trump In The 2016 Primary Because He Was Not A Role Model For Children.

‘I like the idea of a president that’s a role model for our children. Our current president doesn’t really fall into that category,’ LaRose told The Enquirer. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/13/18]

LaRose Declined To Say Whether He Would Support Trump In 2020, Citing His Position As Secretary Of State.

“I think that as the person that will be running fair elections…I wouldn’t be out campaigning, I wouldn’t be doing that sort of thing.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/13/18]

Dave Yost 

While Trump Was Inching Closer To Claiming The Republican Nomination, Yost Asked If Trump Held Any Sincere Views Or Principles. 

“Auditor Dave Yost, an early resident of the never-Trump camp, took to Facebook to express his disappointment, writing of the New Yorker’s ‘utter lack of principled convictions.’ ‘Watching his campaign over the past year, it seems he will say anything on any given day that he thinks will advance his position. In his heart of hearts — when he’s not playing a role on TV — what does he believe in? Is there anything that is non-negotiable?’[Columbus Dispatch, 5/7/16]

Yost Said That He Would Not Vote For Trump.

“I’m not going to vote for the man,’ Yost said, ‘not in the primary, not in the general election.” [Akron Beacon Journal, 3/2/16]

“I condemn his loathsome words and despicable attitude.” [WCBE, 10/09/16]

 “Ohio Republicans Rather You Focus on ‘Kids With 2 Dads’ Than Mountain of Scandals”

“The GOP does not want Ohioans to think about House Bill 6 as they enter the voting booth.”

Columbus, OH — In case you missed it, a Columbus Dispatch opinion column eviscerated Republicans over their attempts to hide corruption behind shameful, hateful legislation ahead of the primary. Ohio activist Kenyon Farrow called out Republican leaders for the introduction of divisive bills meant to distract Ohioans from the ongoing corruption at Mike DeWine’s statehouse. The same corruption that’s costing hard-working Ohioans billions of dollars each year. 

“The GOP is selling the most cynical agenda, scapegoating teachers trying to make sure students are academically and socially prepared to live in a world with other people who may in fact be different from themselves, instead of dealing with the mess they’ve left the state after years of supermajorities that they created and are desperate to perpetuate for their own greed and power,” writes Kenyon Farrow

Read more on how Republicans are attempting to hide the skyrocketing costs of their corruption here and below:  

  • At this point most people are familiar with House Bill 616, which some have nicknamed Ohio’s “Don’t Say Gay.”
  • The bill would ban “any curriculum or instructional materials on sexual orientation or gender identity” and “divisive or inherently racist concepts and any other concept that the state board of education defines as divisive or inherently racist.”
  • In addition to being a cheap and cynical political ploy to scapegoat the LGBTQ and Black and brown people who’ve fought for education curricula to represent the full experiences of people in the U.S. and in Ohio, these bills are really a way to keep the total and utter ubiquity of scandals the Republican legislators are facing out of the minds of Ohioans when they go to the polls this year.
  • The GOP does not want Ohioans to think about House Bill 6 as they enter the voting booth.
  • Passed in 2019, the bill was a $1.3 billion bailout for two nuclear plants and two coal plants—one of which is not even in the state of Ohio—as ostensibly a favor to First Energy, who stood to make $170 million annually as a result (this isn’t counting the $61 million in bribes that were used to push the bill through).
  • As of now, five people — former House Speaker Larry Householder of Glenford included — have been arrested.
  • Sam Randazzo, who Gov. Mike DeWine’s appointed Ohio Public Utilities Commission chair, was paid $4 million  from FirstEnergy.  Questions still remain as to what point DeWine knew about the alleged bribe being paid.
  • Instead of talking about this, we’re spending time talking about whether kids should learn one of their classmates may have two moms or dads. 
  • But there is much worse.
  • In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Ohioans were dying by the dozens per day and millions were out of work due to stay at home orders, the lack of legislative approved funding for basic internet security and technology upgrades allowed for scammers to file fraudulent claims, costing the state $3.8 billion, and costing hunger and hardship to everyday Ohioans who were out of work and not able to meet their own basic needs.
  • Ohio Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran, who owned stock in United Healthcare gave their Ohio subsidiary (United Healthcare Community Plan of Ohio) the state contract to manage the state’s Medicaid program, even while they’ve been ranked almost dead-last on federal oversight reports and denying the contract of a company that ranked near the top.
  • In essence, Corcoran handed $1.2 billion in 2019 alone in funds paid for by Ohioans through taxes to a company ranked low in its transparency and oversight.
  • Wait—there’s even more.
  • The Ohio Redistricting Commission, which is dominated by five Republicans, refused to sit down and create a transparent and open process for setting new maps to not break communities up and create oddly carved out districts merely to benefit one part or another.
  • They would not meet with the two Democrats on the commission and over and over, submitted maps that violated the spirit of the law and gave Ohio voters a big middle finger by creating maps that were heavily partisan.
  • The chaos is leading two primary elections instead of one. The mess will cost Ohioans millions. 
  • These are the issues the Republicans don’t want on the minds of Ohioans when they go vote this year.
  • The GOP is selling the most cynical agenda, scapegoating teachers trying to make sure students are academically and socially prepared to live in a world with other people who may in fact be different from themselves, instead of dealing with the mess they’ve left the state after years of supermajorities that they created and are desperate to perpetuate for their own greed and power.

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