Fight climate change. Flip the PA Senate.

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Republicans in the PA State Senate vote repeatedly to protect polluters, expand fracking, and slow down our fight against climate change.

This Earth Day, we’re highlighting 5 Democrats who will protect clean air and water, and are working to transition Pennsylvania to clean energy.

Fight for our planet, and elect more Democrats to the PA State Senate. Donate to our slate of climate champions today!

Meet 5 Democrats running to protect our Earth:

State Sen. Katie Muth (PA-SD44 Chester/Berks/Montgomery) has a 100% rating from the PA League of Conservation Voters. Her proposed Pennsylvania Water Resource Act will make big corporations that use millions of gallons of water pay their fair share, funding conservation and storm water management work.

Ann Marie Mitchell (PA-SD6 Bucks) is a business attorney and mother running for PA Senate in an open 50-50 Trump-Biden seat. In the PA House, her opponent voted to ignore climate change and block PA from joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which would have slashed carbon emissions in cooperation with neighboring states.

State Sen. Lindsey Williams (PA-SD38 Allegheny) votes proudly to expand renewable energy, hold polluters accountable, and reduce carbon emissions. She has a 100% rating from the PA League of Conservation Voters.

Mark Pinsley (PA-SD16 Lehigh/Bucks) a small business owner and Army veteran. As Lehigh County Controller, he’s saved taxpayers millions on pharmaceutical costs. He’s running for State Senate to ban single-use plastics, transition to renewable energy, and build clean hydrogen plants.

Judith Higgins (PA-SD28 York) is a small business owner, educator, and veteran running to defend democracy against a Republican that tried to help Donald Trump’s coup by invalidating PA’s electoral votes. She  has previously served as School Board director for over 17 years.

Stand up on Earth Day for climate champions. Donate to 5 Democrats running for PA Senate today, and Turn PA Blue’s work electing them.

Thanks for standing up.

– Turn PA Blue

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Turn PA Blue is committed to harnessing the power and energy of committed volunteers to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. The grassroots energy enhanced by Turn PA Blue has the ability to drive turnout and energy upward to help Democrats running across the state at all levels. Our goal is also to integrate the inclusion of new voices into the Democratic Party on all levels, with particular emphasis on strengthening the local parties whose infrastructure is vital to the growth and efficacy of the Democratic Party will also serve to “build our bench” for future candidate recruitment.

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