Opportunity Tour: School Board

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Join us for the Opportunity Tour: School Board Edition on TUESDAY, April 19th at our Allegan Technical Center auditorium.

Who serves on your school board?

How important is the school board to your children’s education and our whole community?

Join us in Allegan for the Opportunity Tour, where you’ll hear directly from school board members in our community. We will go over the basics of what it takes to run and what this nonpartisan role entails. We need strong candidates who support strong public schools now more than ever. This is your chance to learn how YOU can help save our public schools, end the book banning and ensure every student has what they need to be successful. Who would you like to see on your school board? Are you interested and want to learn more? We hope to see you there!

Many hands make light work, so please join us for Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up!

Meet at the Allegan Dems office

9:00 am

Saturday, April 23

315 Hubbard Street – Allegan, MI

Hello Saugatuck/Douglas!

We had so much fun in March, we are coming back on May 14th. Stop by the clubhouse at East Shore Harbor Condominiums (997 Lake St, Saugatuck) to grab a donut and chat with candidates between 10 am and 12 noon.

Opportunity Tour: Pullman

May 17th from 6:30 to 8 pm

915 north 56th street, Pullman, MI

The Opportunity Tour is coming to Pullman for a Candidate Forum. Bring your questions for

Don Doggendorf (County Commission D3)

Jared Polonowski (State House District 39)

Kim Gane (State Senate District 20) and 

Joseph Alfonso (Congressional District 4).

Candidate Corner

ave you checked out the new maps yet? Allegan County now has portions of SIX State House Districts – 38, 39, 42, 43 79 and 86! We now have THREE State Senate Districts and our new Congressional District is 4. So many exciting candidates to support! Check out the new districts on the link below:

Analysis of Allegan County new districts

Below are the Democratic candidates running to represent some or all of Allegan County. Please visit their websites and support their campaigns!

Congressional District 4

Joseph Alfonso

State Senate:

District 18 – Kai DeGraaf

District 20 – Kim Gane

District 31 – Kim Nagy

State House:

District 38 – Annie Brown & Joey Andrews

District 39 – Jared Polonowski

District 42 – Justin Mendoza

District 43 – Mark Ludwig

District 79 – Dr. Kimberly Barrington

District 86 – Larry Jackson

County Commission:

District 3 – Don Doggendorf

District 5 – Austin Marsman

Austin only needs around 500 more votes than 2018 to WIN! Let’s show up for Austin!

Austin Marsman for Allegan County Commissioner is hosting weekly office hours both in-person and virtual on Tuesday evenings. Contact austinforallegan@gmail.com for more information.


Many thanks to Darren Watrous for stepping up to facilitate discussion with Wayland Area Democrats! Please contact Darren or email info@allegandems.com to get involved!

Our slogan for 2022 is Unite to Build! Our 2022 ballots offer the opportunity for excellent leadership, starting with Whitmer, Nessel and Benson on down to our own Marsman and Doggendorf. With your time and treasure we can get our candidates elected and move our county, state and nation forward. Please join the Canvass Team, so you can be in the loop on all opportunities to engage with voters.

We are planning an Allegan County candidates brochure this year, similar to the one we did in 2018. With so many candidates, it will be double size! Help us make this brochure a reality with your generous donation to our Unite 2 Build campaign.

Mark your calendar for June 21st! We need all hands on deck at our June Leap into Action event. Bring 10 friends and learn the skills you need to support our amazing candidates. Let’s expand our party, so we can capitalize on the opportunities before us!

P.S. We are still short on donations to cover the Allegan office rent. Please share our Love the Office campaign with your friends and help us close the gap.

Jill Dunham

Chair, Allegan County Democratic Party


April Business Meeting

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Allegan Tech Center auditorium

2891 116th Ave, Allegan, MI

also via Zoom

email Chair.AlleganDems@gmail.com for the Zoom Link


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