Frank LaRose is a Phony

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Columbus, OH —  As early voting gets underway today, Ohioans are faced with tough questions, with many even wondering who will represent them in Congress and the state legislature thanks to Republicans’ failures to do their jobs and pass fair maps. But the toughest question facing voters is which Frank LaRose are they going to get on any given day.

Last week, in a room full of Republican activists and donors, LaRose leaned in on impeaching Justice Maureen O’Connor for doing her job and upholding the Ohio Constitution. Then today, LaRose tried to walk those comments back and deflect any criticism that’s come his way.

It’s clear LaRose is trying to have it both ways – he can’t afford to lose Republican support in a party that’s already so skeptical of him that a party leader tried to leave him off of the endorsement slate. But he’s also worked hard to curate a phony image of bipartisanship that never bears out in his words, deeds or actions. 

This all leaves Ohioans to wonder which Frank LaRose is the real Frank LaRose, because Frank LaRose is a phony. 

“Two-faced Frank LaRose is at it again, talking out of both sides of his mouth and showing Ohioans he can’t be trusted. The only thing Ohioans can count on Frank LaRose to do is betray them in order to advance his own interests. Instead of blaming anyone but himself for the election chaos he’s caused, it’s time for LaRose to do his job and pass a fair map, ” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes. 

And while LaRose is out on his apology tour, doing everything but his job, is reporting on the headaches voters will face because of the chaos LaRose created: 

“Due to printing delays, voters who will show up in person starting Tuesday through the week’s end will receive a ballot that is a PDF printout of the normal ballot. Voters will each complete it, then seal it in a security envelope and turn it in, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Director Tony Perlatti said,” writes  

The cost of corruption Ohioans are paying thanks to Frank LaRose, Mike DeWine and their Republican friends is too high a price to pay. Ohio Democrats are offering a better way forward: investing in Ohio workers and helping working families get ahead. 

Tonight: GOP Senate Candidates Meet For Yet Another Debate To Make Ohio’s Out-Of-Control Primary Even Uglier

“Who Knows What The Sh–tshow This Week Will Be,” -Ohio-based GOP Strategist

Cincinnati, OH — Tonight at 7:00 PM, the leading Ohio GOP Senate candidates will meet to debate and make this out-of-control primary even uglier. 

Past forums and debates have made national news as these out-of-touch millionaires have “raced to the bottom…And then tried to dig through it to find an even lower level of barrel.” And after millions of dollars worth of attack ads, the candidates and their allies have added more fuel to the fire by accusing each other of “overcompensating,”“very sensitive,”“unfit to serve,” and being “pro-China RINOs,”“clowns,”“pretenders,”“shameless,”“Washington wimps,” and a “flip-flopping flipper” – tonight’s debate will continue to show how brutal this primary season is for the Ohio GOP.

WHO:    Two-Time Senate Loser Millionaire Josh Mandel
                Big Tech Millionaire J.D. Vance
                Former State Party Chair Millionaire Jane Timken
                Investment Banker Millionaire Mike Gibbons
                My Family Spends Baseball Money On My Losing Campaign Millionaire Matt Dolan

WHAT:   Debate featuring the leading GOP Senate candidates 

WHEN:   Today, April 5, at 7:00 PM

*The event will be live-streamed here

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