We need a progressive Black woman on the Supreme Court

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Biden must nominate a progressive Black woman for SCOTUS

We need a progressive Black woman on the Supreme Court

Justice Breyer has announced that he’ll retire from the Supreme Court at the end of this term. Now Biden will need to nominate a Justice to fill his seat. Our Senators are both on the Judiciary Committee, so they’ll have a strong influence on the confirmation process. This week, we’re calling to ask them to urge Biden to nominate a progressive Black woman to the Supreme Court.

On Monday, the current Supreme Court allowed gerrymandering in Alabama to stand, freezing a lower court ruling that would have made Alabama redraw a congressional map that disenfranchises Black voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act. The next Justice on the Supreme Court has to be someone who will stand up in defense of our basic democracy and against white supremacy.

An example call script and contact numbers are below.

P.S. : Save the date for a Indivisible General Meeting, February 21st at 7pm, online!

15 people stand in a line in Davis Central Park, each holding one large sign with a letter to spell out "Voting rights now"

When we gathered in Davis Central Park Jan. 6th to call for protecting voting rights, we were afraid of the exact type of voter suppression and gerrymandering that the current Supreme Court has just allowed in Alabama.

Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Padilla: Tell Biden to nominate a progressive Black woman to SCOTUS

Example call script:
Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a constituent of Senator [Feinstein/Padilla]. My zip code is [zip code].

I’m calling to ask the Senator to tell President Biden: please nominate a progressive Black woman to the Supreme Court. We need a progressive nominee who will stand up for our civil rights, against white supremacy, and will work for all of us and not just the rich and corporations. Thank you.

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