Opportunity Tour Plainwell!

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Opportunity Tour Plainwell!

We are kicking off the Opportunity Tour on February 8th at the Ransom Library Boardroom in Plainwell. You will meet Justin Mendoza, running for new State House District 42! And our very own Austin Marsman, who is running for County Commissioner District 5 (Plainwell, Otsego, Martin and Watson.) The new district maps have opened up opportunity for Democrats! Hope to see you there!

Have you checked out the new maps yet? Allegan County now has portions of SIX State House Districts – 38, 39, 42, 43 79 and 86! We now have THREE State Senate Districts and our new Congressional District is 4. Check out all the new districts on the link below: FINAL MAPS for State House, Senate and Congress

District 38 is Blue!

We are beyond excited about this new district that runs from Saugatuck to New Buffalo. This district leans slightly Democratic – we will win with a great candidate and lots of hard work. And luckily we have TWO great candidates that have declared – Joey Andrews (Saint Joseph) and Annie Brown (South Haven)!

On Wednesday, March 16th, the Opportunity Tour will visit Saugatuck, so you can meet the District 38 candidates and find out how you can help Democrats win!! Join us at Isabel’s Market + Eatery from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

And as long as all Democrats agree on these basic principles, then the fiercest of internal debates over tactics and priorities will always result in us coming together in the end, moving forward and carrying the day. – J.M. Purvis



I have been reading “Democrats 101” by J.M. Purvis. I recommend it. Here’s an excerpt from a blog post “The Soul of the Party” which is about this book (emphasis added):

“We as a party have to stand up and make sure we’re seen as having basic, core values worth aspiring to, and we need to do it publicly. People .. Democrats and Americans alike .. need to understand that the age of Identity Politics is over, because the Identity is now us. We no longer fight for racial justice because we worry about black people. We are black people, and gays and whites and Hispanics, and everybody else. We fight against racial injustice because we fight against all injustice, because that is who we are as Democrats. That is a core value.

A statement of core values is an overpowering message. Republicans can attack the Green New Deal or Medicaid for All because these issues are complicated. But who can stand up against a belief in justice for everyone? Who can attack a belief that all Americans deserve an opportunity for a better life? Wouldn’t you just love to have a Republican publicly agree with those values .. no conditions .. and then argue over the best way to make it happen?” J.M. Purvis

Back in 2017, we circulated petitions to make the redistricting process fair. Today, we have new maps from the Michigan Independent Citizen’s Redistricting Committee. They are not perfect, but they are fairer maps developed in a transparent process. Yet none of that will matter if we don’t talk to the voters – our friends, our neighbors and yes, strangers. Brochures and yard signs will not be enough.

Please engage — now. While November 8th sounds so far away and we have a foot of snow on the ground, the filing deadline for candidates is just 10 weeks from now. If you want Democrats to represent you, it’s time to write checks (actually, it’s easier to donate on ActBlue!) and learn what you can do to help our candidates win. Mark your calendar and make it a priority to attend the Opportunity Tour. The threat to democracy is real. The best response is to engage in creating the world you want to live in. To expand our comfort zones. Stop judging and start listening. Stop demonizing and start loving. #LoveWins, right?

Jill Dunham

Chair, Allegan County Democratic Party




Many thanks to Darren Watrous for stepping up to facilitate discussion with Wayland Area Democrats! Join Darren on the 2nd Thursday of the month for great discussion, friendship and food at Simply Celia’s in downtown Wayland.


Business Meeting

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Ransom Library, Plainwell

in the Boardroom

also via Zoom

email Chair.AlleganDems@gmail.com for the Zoom Link


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