2022 Top To-Do: Save Democracy

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Let’s Save Democracy in the New Year

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What’s Up?

2021 is coming to a close … finally. We hope you had a wonderful December holiday season, are all rested, and are ready to save Democracy from the people who want to destroy it. Here at More Perfect Democracy we’re working on strategies to reach more people with winning messages, and we’re glad you’re part of our team! What can you do right now? Are you looking for ways to burst out of the 2022 gate fast and strong? Here are three simple things you can do.

  1. Post one of the two pieces of content showing how #Democrats are delivering for the American people. You can also post both on different days.
  2. Commit to stop refuting Republican messaging with their own words. It’s time to flip the conversation to our own ground, and start talking about Dems delivering or Rs criming.
  3. Consider how you will be actively involved in the midterm elections this next year. Sign up on our website form to become more involved with messaging, amplifying, or supporting our efforts with whatever skills you most want to use.
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Bottom Line: It’s GO-time. Midterms are in eleven months, and together we can help Dems win more elections at every level. We’re going to be working our butts off to figure out the most effective ways of making a difference. Are you with us?

Watch, Listen, Read, and Follow

Watch: Watch the situation around you. Are you vaxxed and boosted? Protect your community as much as you can with your own behavior.

Listen: Listen to the podcast Volts’ interview with Anat Shenker-Osorio on how the left can suck less at messaging. This is one of the best articulations of the importance of talking to the base with race and class-forward messaging that I’ve heard. This is the strategy that More Perfect Democracy follows.

Read: Local Boston cancer doc Robin Schoenthaler has an amazing, practical approach to Covid safety. I’ve been following since the very beginning.

Follow: Angry Staffer is a National Security official who has had an anonymous Twitter account since 2016. He does Q&As weekly and usually has impeccable sourcing on what’s going on politically or vis-a-vis national security crises. He also has a Patreon, which goes into much more detail. He often has info before any journalist, but tells us when he can’t say something because it’s classified.

We’d love you to JOIN US to create and amplify content.

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Please email our founder, Stephanie Wilson, to figure out how you can use your skills to move the political needle, change the narrative, and empower other voters.

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