How to geo-target women denied control over their bodies to vote

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How to geo-target women denied control over their bodies to vote

How to geo-target women denied control over their bodies to vote

Women denied control over their own bodies and forced by Republicans to have babies even if they are raped, have a strong reason to vote. How can organizers choose the best areas to mobilize them?

Geo-targeting. This approach combines data about the characteristics of people living in area with mapping software. These apps include demographic data on communities, are easy to use and very affordable. The same geo-targeting software businesses use to pick the best location for a store can also be applied to find the best locations to canvas and mobilize voters. This blog explains how we applied Community Analyst to Biloxi, Mississippi to find areas with:

  • Women between the ages of 18-30 years old
  • Areas with a high degree of poverty
  • Areas where people do not normally vote in elections

This geo targeting was done in an hour with Community Analyst – without any voter file. The same software can be used to geo target any community with over 200 variables to choose from. The results can be as detailed as the block, census, county or district.

Geotarget poor, young women who do not usually vote with Community Analyst.

Where do young women live in Biloxi?

  • We first chose Biloxi and chose BLOCK as the level to analyze.
  • We chose women in the age groups 20-24, 25-29 and 30-34.
  • Community Analyst displays the data as both a % of the population and the number of people.
  • We used the SLIDERs to pick areas with a high percentage of women in these age groups.
Geo targeting to find communities with large percentages of young women in Biloxi.

Where are struggling communities?

  • We next added areas with struggling communities in Biloxi.
  • All this information is included in Community Analyst and is regularly updated.
  • We used the SLIDERs to pick areas with a high percentage of women living in poor areas.
Use Geo targeting to find poor communities.

Where are potential voters?

  • Community Analyst offers a wide variety of information about potential voters.
  • This includes their political affiliation, engagement in civic activities and tendency to vote.
  • We chose areas with people who do not regularly vote in Biloxi.
Use Community Analyst to find potential voters in a community

Analyze the area being canvassed

  • Community Analyst creates infographics to use in planning your canvassing.
  • This kind of analysis and reporting can be done in minutes and the results shared with others.
  • This information lets you make the best use of canvassers to focus on areas with the most potential voters.

Report of young women in struggling communities in Biloxi who do not regularly vote

Use infographics to analyze the best areas to canvas.

The Human Cost Of Being Denied An Abortion

“Women who were denied an abortion, there was “an increase in poverty; a decrease in employment that lasts for years; a scaling back of aspirational plans; and years spent trying to raise a child without enough money to pay for food, housing, and transportation instead of pursuing other life goals,” writes Dr. Diana Greene Foster, author and head researcher of the Turnaway Study. – HuffPost

Vote for women’s rights

A small male, pale and stale group only gets to control a majority by preventing them to vote. It also enables them to pack the courts with judges who deny women abortion rights. The only recourse is to make sure more people recognize the importance of voting and make sure they are registered to vote.

TakeAway: Focus canvassing and voter mobilization with Community Analyst. Nonprofits working on women’s rights can apply for a free DemLabs analysis of the area you’re planning to canvas here.


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