Will Marco Rubio Find The Courage To Oppose Shutting Down The Government?

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Marco Rubio recently joined a group of Senate Republicans prepared to oppose a bipartisan measure to fund the government in a shameful attempt to score political points at the expense of working Americans. Rubio has a choice: stand up and support what’s best for Florida, or cowardly cave to political pressure and vote to shut down the government.  

“If Marco Rubio fails to muster the courage to oppose a government shutdown, he’ll be voting to damage the economy and potentially leave thousands of Floridians without a paycheck right before the holidays. Once again, Floridians stand to pay the price for his self-serving political games,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 

A Rubio vote against funding the government could leave thousands of families struggling to make ends meet before the holidays. During the last shutdown, nearly 16,000 Florida workers went without pay. Government shutdowns also slow the economy and end up costing taxpayers more money in the end. Rubio’s self-serving political games supporting government shutdowns have notably been called out by fact checkers and editorial boards

Statement by Florida Democratic Party Chair on Two Draft Maps Published This Week by the Florida House of Representatives

On Monday November 29, 2021, the Florida House of Representatives published two draft congressional district maps as part of this year’s redistricting process. Based on the 2020 election results the first map would have had former President Trump winning in 17 of 28 congressional districts. The second one would have seen him victorious in 18 out of 28.

In reaction to these draft maps, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz issued the following statement:

“The draft congressional redistricting maps released by the Florida House this week are reflective of the Florida GOP’s clear and deliberate plan to cripple democracy in the Sunshine State. Not content with restricting voting access and criminalizing peaceful protests they are now moving towards distorting our congressional districts for partisan gain over the next decade.

“Our system of government is based on the principle of voters electing their representatives, not the other way around. The gerrymandered draft maps presented by the Florida House, developed with hardly any public input, are more of the same self-serving, backroom wheeling and dealing that has steadily degraded democracy and set our state back over the last two decades of Republican rule.”

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