COVID deathcount dashboard where Republicans threaten government shutdown to undermine vaccine mandates

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COVID deathcount dashboard where Republicans threaten government shutdown to undermine vaccine mandates

COVID deaths in Republican states threatening to shutdown the Government to block vaccination funding.

271,217 people have died in these ten Republican led states as of Dec 2, 2021. This map shows the number of COVID and is regularly updated with new data from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. The map provides county level death counts and contact info for Republican senators.

Republican gamesmanship over common sense COVID safety measures now threatens American financial credibility. Click on a senator to call them and let them know how you feel about their obstruction of COVID safety measures.

Republicans threaten government shutdown over COVID vaccine funding as thousand die in their states
The COVID death count dashboard can be freely shared with this link
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Senate Republicans Threaten Government Shutdown Over ‘Vaccine Mandate’ (HuffPo)

10 Senators Pledge Objections to Spending Packages Unless Vaccine Mandate is DefundedSenator Roger Marshall (R) is leading Republican Senators in pledging to oppose ALL efforts to implement and enforce Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate particularly on upcoming spending measures considered by the U.S. Senate. All 50 SENATE REPUBLICANS supported Senator Marshall’s AMENDMENT to the CR in September to prohibit funding for the promulgation or enforcement of the Biden Administration’s COVID vaccine mandate on private companies.” (Marshall)

“Shutting down the government is a highly questionable strategy, especially considering voters generally know which party has refused to cooperate with basic governance in past shutdowns. It could also hamper the government’s efforts to contain the coronavirus following news of a new omnicron variant spreading around the world.” (HuffPo)

COVID deathcount dashboard

ArcGIS Dashboards convey information by presenting location-based analytics using intuitive and interactive data visualizations on a single screen. Dashboards help visualize trends, monitor status in real time, and take actions. This is how we designed the COVID death count dashboard to track how well these ten Republican leaders are doing in their states in protecting residents from COVID.

  • John Hopkins collects details on COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths and makes this available through a database.
  • ArcGIS makes this data available in a form that can be mapped and analyzed.
  • DemLabs created the realtime COVID death count dashboard using ArcGIS dashboard.
  • As more people (sadly) die from COVID, the database is updated and this is automatically updated in the dashboard.
The COVID death count dashboard uses ArcGIS Dashboards and data from John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.
How to use COVID Deathcount dashboard

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (CRC) is a continuously updated source of COVID-19 data and expert guidance. It collects and analyzes the best data available on cases, deaths, tests, hospitalizations, and vaccines to help the public, policymakers, and healthcare professionals worldwide respond to the pandemic. TIME recognized the CRC as the “go-to data source” for COVID-19 and named it to the Top 100 Inventions of 2020. The CRC is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Hold them accountable

Another 179 Americans have died from COVID in the last three hours as I write this blog.

Check the dashboard for the latest COVID death count when you read this blog. What is the new deathcount? Where did the deaths occur? Then check that Republicans comments about masks and vaccinations. These politicians are paid with tax payer dollars to look after their constituents – not play political games to advance their ambitions.

TakeAway: Hold politicians willing to sacrifice their voter’s lives for their own ambitions accountable. Use dashboards to monitor how they are performing with the ability to directly dial them with feedback.


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