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The Gift of Mental Health

Mental health is a gift worth protecting. This winter, make sure to take a breath and focus on what makes you happy — whatever that may be. Use these GIFs to promote doing what’s right for yourself this holiday season. 


Here’s a Preview of the Holiday Collection

Persons With Disabilities Day

 December 3 is Persons with Disabilities Day. This Friday, work to spread awareness and uplift the well-being of those with disabilities by downloading and sharing these GIFs.

Human Rights Month

COVID cases are rising with new variants, and in too many places around the world, vaccines aren’t easy to find. This Human Rights Month, let’s push for vaccine equality to make sure that everyone has access to the vaccine. Use these GIFs to support people being able to protect themselves against COVID-19.

Upcoming GIF Events

With so many special days coming up this season it can be hard to keep track of them all. Taking note of upcoming GIF events can help you plan your posts ahead of time. Type in any keyword in our Into Action Content Library and you’ll find plenty of GIFs to download and share to your social media accounts. 

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