Total No Recall

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Action: Total No Recall

Deadline: September 14 – Still unsure what to do about the recall election? First — you need to vote, and vote against the recall. If Newsom is recalledthe lead candidate by a wide margin to replace him is conservative talk-radio host and Trump supporter Larry Elder, who lists himself as pro-life and supports overturning Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion laws up to the states — this, as Texas outlaws most abortions and the Supreme Court lets the law go into effect, and as the Supreme Court itself is about to hear a case that many experts say may lead them to overturn Roe! Elder also opposes the minimum wage, protection against pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, vaccine and mask mandates, environmental regulations on low-income housing, and welfare spending. He’d be an unnatural disaster for the state. Check out our article for info about early voting and drop-off ballot locations near you, voter registration info (you can still register!), and more. And sign up to help! Don’t let California fall to a Trumper — take action!

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We Could Not Make This Up

We know lots of you love this part of our newsletter best, and you know we have to make hard decisions what to include – so many options! We leave you for now with the one & only (TG!) Joe Rogan, who scorned the vaccines and — we’re shocked, shocked — announced the other day that he has COVID. But no worries, he’s “throwing the kitchen sink” at it, including, yep, the vet’s friend ivermectin. The worm’s taking the dewormer … and bringing things full circle to our action item, Dr. Scott Jensen, who’s running for Governor of Minnesota on a “sanctity of human life” anti-abortion platform, sez yay for Rogan cuz he’s working with his doc and “We must restore the sacred bond of doctors & patients finding solutions – AWAY from public/political shaming!” Truly, we could not make this up. See ya, folks — keep fighting for truth and justice!

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