Californians, If You Don’t Support the Recall You Still Have to Vote

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Official ballot to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom during California Gubernatorial Recall Election. Postage paid return envelope - San Jose, California, USA - August 18, 2021

Those of us who live and breathe politics know that the ballots for the California Republican recall were mailed to all registered voters the week of Aug. 16. We know that Election Day is Sept. 14 and that there are two questions on the ballot. But not everyone is as immersed in the political process as we are.

I’ve learned recently that some people think that if they don’t support the Republican recall, they don’t have to vote.

This is absolutely untrue. 

Every registered Californian gets a ballot, and if you oppose the recall, you must vote NO on question 1. You should submit your ballot as soon as possible, but no later than Sept. 14, 2021.

The election will be decided by counting the number of “yes” votes and the number of “no” votes. If more people vote “yes” — because Republicans are motivated to steal a governorship from the duly elected officeholder and Democrats may refrain from voting because they don’t realize they have to — our state will suffer.

That’s what people need to understand. If the recall succeeds, a governor elected by the majority of the people — 62% of voters — will be replaced by the candidate who receives the most votes. The new governor won’t have close to the number of votes Newsom received in the last fair governor’s election or the number of “no” votes cast in the recall.

The current front-runner is a talk show host who believes that the minimum wage should be $0.00 and employers should be able to ask women if they plan on having children. He has also promised to outlaw all mask and vaccination mandates. Larry Elder could actually become governor and cause permanent damage to the state if Democrats get complacent and don’t bother to vote. The Sacramento Bee has called on him to drop out of the race because of allegations from his former fiancee. 

The other candidates are equally likely to stop the progress our state has made under Governor Newsom. Check out this article by my colleague Rena Korb to learn more about them.

If you have not yet received your ballot, go here to make sure that you are registered to vote. If you’re not, the deadline to register is Aug. 30. Use this link to register and you will be able to vote in the recall election.

Question 1 asks if the governor should be recalled. Vote NO. By voting no on question 1, you are voting for Gavin Newsom to remain as governor. 

Question 2 asks you to pick from 46 candidates your choice for governor if Newsom is recalled. The California Democratic Party and other groups fighting against the recall suggest that you leave question 2 blank. 

If you have questions about the recall election, check these resources to find the answers:

  • Use this list of California county election offices to find the most accurate information and instructions for your county. Remember that every county in California has its own elections offices and there may be significant differences in how elections are run. You can also find out where the ballot drop-off locations are if you don’t feel comfortable using the USPS to submit your ballot.
  • While every California voter was sent a mail ballot, you do have the option of voting on Election Day, Sept. 14. Use this link to see all of the important dates and deadlines for the recall election.
  • You should have received the official California Voter Information Guide in the mail. If not, you can find it here.
  • Use this link to track your ballot and make sure that it is received and counted by your county election officials.
  • If you have additional questions that aren’t answered by the above resources, check the Secretary of State’s website for additional information.

The Republican recall election is a blatant attempt to steal the California governorship from Democrat Gavin Newsom who won in a free and fair election. A new governor could have a lasting effect on our state and the nation. Californians, please make sure that you are registered before Aug. 30 and vote NO on or before Sept. 14, 2021.

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Mindy Schwartz is a blogger, life-long political activist, wife, daughter, dogmom, DemCast USA Content Director and Jew. She is equally proud of all of those roles.

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