FDP Chair Statement on Hillsborough, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County School Districts Enacting Mask Protocols

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On Wednesday August 18 the Hillsborough, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County school boards all voted in favor of enacting mask protocols to protect the health and lives of their students, their employees and their families. They joined the Alachua and Broward County school boards, both of which had previously voted to institute these prudent public health measures in their districts.

In reaction to the votes Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz issued the following statement:

“I applaud the Hillsborough, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County school boards for standing up for Florida’s kids, the staff at their schools and their communities as a whole. At a time when these officials are being threatened by an authoritarian and irresponsible Governor, their courage should inspire us all to push back against those who would place everyone’s health at risk. 

“These leaders are fighting for the freedom to be able to learn or work in an environment that is as safe as possible under the difficult circumstances we face. Prudent mask protocols means freedom from the fear that a rampant public health threat will continue to stalk every one of us because we are unwilling to take the simple, common-sense steps scientists recommend to attenuate it.

“The school board members and superintendents in these counties are showing us what true leadership is all about. They have put their careers and financial stability on the line to resist Ron DeSantis’s cynical machinations, which are endangering our communities to advance his personal political ambitions, no matter the risks. While the vacuum of leadership persists at the Governor’s mansion, local officials are showing the courage and compassion Floridians should expect from any leader elected to a position of authority in our state.”

ICYMI: Rubio Supported Extreme Budget Plan That Could Cut Programs Florida Depends On

Last week, Marco Rubio voted to support Senator Rand Paul’s radical Five Penny Plan, which would gut our federal budget, mandating “enormous cuts to practically every aspect of federal operations,” and putting defense, education, FEMA, and Medicare in jeopardy.  

“Instead of voting for a budget plan that will lower health care costs and ensure no Floridian making under $400,000 will pay more taxes, Rubio decided to support an extreme budget proposal that could make dramatic cuts to Medicare, emergency management programs, and national security efforts,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

“Once again, Rubio has shown he is not looking out for Floridians and their best interests and in 2022, voters will hold him accountable.”

Senator Rand Paul’s Five Penny budget plan would impose “austerity measures that would both hurt millions of American families” and undermine our economy. Read more on the budget below: 

MSNBC: Rand Paul’s radical budget plan receives significant GOP backing
By Steve Benen

Key Points: 

  • Last week, as part of the debate over the Democratic budget plan, Paul introduced his own budget blueprint as an alternative and offered it as a proposed amendment. To no one’s surprise, it failed in the face of unanimous opposition from the Democratic majority. 
  • But this was not a 99-to-1 vote. On the contrary, as the dust settled last week, 28 Senate Republicans ended up voting for Rand Paul’s budget plan.
  • To achieve such a goal, the GOP senator would mandate enormous cuts to practically every aspect of federal operations, slashing hundreds of billions of dollars in federal investments every year, imposing austerity that would both hurt millions of American families and severely undermining the domestic economy.
  • And while that helps explain why Paul’s budget plan was defeated, it doesn’t change the fact that most of the Senate Republican conference voted for it. 
  • Among the Republicans who voted for the radical blueprint are members of the Senate Republican leadership — Florida’s Rick Scott, South Dakota’s John Thune, and Wyoming’s John Barrasso — as well as some members who are up for re-election next year, including Florida’s Marco Rubio, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, and Iowa’s Chuck Grassley.

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