GIFs for the Afghanistan Crisis and More

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The Crisis in Afghanistan

 The situation in Afghanistan is horrifying. We have a responsibility to ensure that the people America has put in this position are swiftly brought to safety, and ensure the protection of those who cannot leave. Asylum is a human right. Use these GIFs to show your support for the Afghan people. 

Image of someone holing up a sign that says "asylum is a human right"
Image of the country of Afghanistan with the phrase "stand with the Afghan people"
Image of a woman in a hijab with the phrase "protect Afghan women" written across her face

Memes and their Impact

Memes are an effective way to reach new communities. Check out some of our memes that have preformed well this past week. 

Recess Can Wait

Congress has been in recess for days now. Our leaders have no business taking a break while voting rights are in jeopardy. Congress’ recess can wait. Democracy can’t. Use these GIFs to show how important it is for our representatives to be in discussion now more than ever.

Image of the phrase "still fighting for voting rights"
Image of the recess characters that are holding signs that say "enough recess. get back to work"
Image of the phrase "why is the senate taking a recess"

End the Wage Gap


August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. The wage gap continues to be one of the roadblocks for achieving equality. Women deserve to be paid equally for all of their hard work and winnings. Use these GIFs to advocate for equal pay, and an end to the wage gap.

Image of women holding a dollar sign. The phrase on the dollar sign says "girls just wanna have equal pay"
Image of a coffee cup with the phrase "but first, equal pay" written on it
Image of Megan Rapinoe with the phrase "the pay gap is about more than just money. It's about systematically how we think about women and women in sports.-Megan Rapinoe"

Party Time!

Time to celebrate! TaskForce and the IntoAction lab hit 100 billion views on our content this past week. With your help, we’ve been able to hit this milestone in less than two years. We couldn’t have done it without you and are so excited to keep building this with you. 

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