Rally for Election Protection

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Be heard. Be seen. Be there:
Saturday 1 PM, Logan Square Park  

When you joined Blue Beginning, what were you hoping to accomplish? Getting rid of the Stable Genius, of course, but what else? Health care? Higher wages? Gun control? Climate sanity? Whatever your issue, it’s on the line this week. Because right now, in state legislatures around the nation, Republicans are trying to make it impossible for us to win elections. And if we can’t win elections, we can’t accomplish anything. Worse, if the Republicans’ efforts gather momentum, we’ll be well on our way to permanent minority rule and the authoritarianism that goes with it.  That’s why Indivisible is calling this week the Deadline for Democracy.

In a few days the congressional recess will be over and lawmakers will return to their bubble in Washington DC. While they’re in their home districts, we need to show them our sense of urgency and tell them what we want: we want voting to be easy for everyone; we want dark money out of our politics; we want an end to gerrymandering. We want the For the People Act, and if we have to kill the filibuster to get it, we want that too.  

Indivisible chapters across the country have been rallying and demonstrating to insist that our representatives vote For the People. Our Chicago event will begin 1 PM on Saturday, July 10, at Logan Square Park. And we’ll do more than demand action, we’ll have some fun too, with inspiring speakers like Marie Newman, Renato Mariotti, and Jill Wine-Banks; and live music from Jon Langford and Melody Angel; and instant actions, food trucks, and a live broadcast on WCPT. Join us!

Visit us at bluebeginning.org. Email us at bluebeginning2017@gmail.com. Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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