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June 26, 2021


Our volunteers and organizers are the best, bar none!! Their passionate work has now pushed Field Team 6 to incredible new heights on multiple fronts. SOCIAL STORMING: For the second week in a row, we hit over 10 million impressions on Twitter! Huge thanks to all our Stormers – to our wonderful allies at DemCast – and of course, to Storm Captain Deb Verla. Storm sessions happen every Wednesday at 11a PT. RSVP HERE to join the next one! POSTCARDING: A mere four months after rolling out our postcarding program, we’ve sent… (drumroll please) over 100,000 postcards! Breathtaking work! Much gratitude to every single person who’s joined a campaign, and especially to Postcarding Czars Sharon Lord Greenspan, Janet Ho, and postcard party host with most, Laurie Mendik. If you’d like to get involved (and get us to 200,000!), get your addresses HERE or RSVP for our weekly postcarding parties, Wednesdays at 2p PT, HERE! IN-PERSON VOTER DRIVES: As the world opens back up, we are beyond thrilled to report that almost all our swing states are now safe for in-person voter drives. Still waiting on AZ, NV, and FL… but we’ll get there! Plus – our first in-person voter drive trainings are on the calendar! For Arizona, click HERE and California, click HERE! ALSO: our Voter Drive in a Box is now fully operational for CA and AZ! So to all our California volunteers: COME ON OUT!!! Get trained if you need to, put voter drives on the calendar (we can help), and let’s start registering Democrats in person all over CA!!


HUGE VOTERIZER BREAKTHROUGH Two clicks. That’s all it takes to get a new voter to the exact place they need to register. Unlike every other voter registration portal, we no longer require any information from the voter in order to take them to the registration site. This makes Voterizer the fastest way to register a Democrat hands down. No other web app even comes close.  And Voterizer provides so many more benefits than simply directing someone to the state’s site, including:• upcoming election dates and registration deadlines• recommendations for Democratic candidates• easy lookup of polling place and ID requirements• state-specific GOTV election reminders for those who sign up Voterizer is customizable, co-brandable, and available en español. Our amazing back-end team of super volunteers – (massive thanks to them!) – regularly update every state’s page to stay on top of changing voting rules and regulations. And as always, Voterizer is free. Interested? Take it for a spin at, and get a customizable version for your organization HERE – which you can even embed on your site! Watch a video on how to customize your Voterizer HERE. Neverending props to the creator of Voterizer, our own mad genius Adam Lesh!



Last week we told you how stoked we are to be teaming up with the activist superstars of Civic Sundays… and this week, we’re inviting one and all to their next in-person event on Sunday, June 27 from 12-2p PT! They’ll be phonebanking for voting rights along with textbanking and postcarding. For social distancing reasons, the in-person event will be limited to 25 people (vaccinated only, please). Everyone else can join via Zoom! And you won’t want to miss this Sunday, because Field Team 6 Founder Jason Berlin will be presenting to the group! RSVP HERE!


LPop quiz! The attempt to recall Governor Gavin Newsom of California is… A) a cynical ploy by Republicans to take down a popular, effective Democratic leader B) a lunatic Q-Anon/MAGA fever dream peddled by anti-mask & anti-vax RWNJs C) a pathetic grift capitalizing on the bright lights of California politics to turn notoriety into personal fame and fortune (looking at you Caitlyn Jenner) D) All of the above Though the answer is “All of the above,” the vote is almost certain to go forward, and we can’t assume that it will fail just because it’s utter madness. That’s why we’re co-hosting with our mighty partner Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC) a No Recall event with Governor Newsom himself on Tuesday, June 29 from 4:30-6p PT. RSVP HERE. Click HERE to find out who’s behind the recall and how to stop it.


We’re laughing already! The producers of Looking Forward To It with Josh Gondelman, a monthly comedy show that raises money for voter engagement, are holding their first in-person 2021 comedy show to raise money for Field Team 6! Hosted by Josh Gondelman, with the following (subject to change) line up: Jes Tom, Negin Farsad, and hip hop improv from North Coast. If you are anywhere on the eastern seaboard (or have lots of airline miles) we hope you’ll put together a carpool or subway car of the fellow-vaxxed and head to the Littlefield Theater in Brooklyn. Hotcakes, we mean tickets, are available HERE!


This week we’re spotlighting FT6 Media Team Czar Jeff Sielaff! Originally from San Jose, Jeff’s an entertainment industry veteran who spent 30 years as an editor before retiring in 2014 with big plans to finally clean out his garage… until 2016 happened. Jeff threw himself into volunteering with various progressive organizations, and eventually found his way to FT6 after hearing Jason speak and attending an early version of our Drinks for Democracy fundraiser! He was inspired to make a video of the event – a video that impressed Jason so much that he immediately brought Jeff onto the FT6 team. Eighteen months, multiple world-saving elections, and 30+ videos later, Jeff’s still going strong. And he’s not just our video mogul – he also manages the FT6 YouTube channel, helps with various fundraisers, and helps run a weekly Zoom activist meditation group co-sponsored by Indivisible and FT6. In the few moments when he’s not busy saving the world, you can find Jeff relaxing at home with his wife Diane and their cats, Maxie, Alfie and Gigi. Here’s what FT6 has meant to Jeff, in his own words: What keeps me going is not just the importance of the work but also the relationships. It’s just damn fun to work with Jason, Dale Roy Robinson, Wayne Liebman, Cat Landry, Patti Crane and the rest of the Field Team 6 crew. And it’s great to get the benefit of their many years working in the TV and advertising industries. Field Team 6 is like a high-tech start up: a lot of smart, entrepreneurial people working together to create something that will change the world… only difference is what we do will change the world for the better! Thank you Jeff for your incredible initiative and dedication! The FT6 team is a thousand times better because you’re on it. We are so grateful for everything that you do!



Our Zoom trainings to give you all the skills to lead in-person voterdrives are starting with AZ and CA! CALL AZ & WV VOTERS TO GET THEIR SENATORSTO REFORM THE FILIBUSTER

To give us all the freedom to vote, we must reform the filibuster and pass theFor the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.Senators Sinema and Manchin are publicly opposed to filibuster reform.Get their constituents to persuade them otherwise! 


Register Dems in districts whose representatives supportedoverturning the Biden/Harris election victory, and flip those seats blue! We’re targeting traitors in CA, NC, and TX! FLIP A “TRIPLE WORD SCORE” STATE

Register Dems in 8 key states to save the Senate and House, and win down-ballot. Join our phone banks into AZ, GA and PA! 


Register Dems via postcard in the most flippable districtsand write with friends at our weekly postcarding parties!Send cards to CA-08CA-21 and CA-25!Just launched: Postcarding in CA-39 to oppose the CA Gov’s Recall! 

SOCIAL STORMINGMake a huge difference with a few keystrokes!Build awareness for our voter registration app #Voterizer,and help #RegisterDemocrats fromthe comfort of your social media accounts!Find camaraderie and insider tips and tricks on our Zooms! 

Click VOLUNTEER OPS below to get details and sign up!



Thanks to the incredible generosity of Field Team 6’ers, we’ve hit our fundraising goals in two out of our three targeted Orange Country House districts! We’re currently standing up digital campaigns to register Democrats in CA-39 and CA-48, so we can flip those seats back to blue in 2022 and Save the House… …but we’re still $1,026 short of our goal in CA-45! And we absolutely must raise this money, because we’re talking about the one and only Katie Porter! It is absolutely crucial that she win re-election in 2022. So please, if you’re able, donate to the cause HERE. CA-45, and the entire country, will thank you!


 We’re looking for people with a little time and almost any skill to share. Heck, it might be something we don’t even know we need! Find our current needs we know about HERE.


AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING… AT MANY FT6 EVENTS!Did you miss any of our recent virtual shindigs? Fear not! We’ve got recordings of most so you can relive the fun and soak up some good info about the critical work of registering Democrats to save the world.

In Field Team 6’s funniest event ever, we had the vocal superstars of Futurama, Pinky & The Brain, Ren & Stimpy, Adventure Time, Samurai Jack, and more, partake in EXPLETIVE NOT DELETED. This raucous re-enactment of the most hilarious and/or awful remarks ever recorded by your favorite national leaders (a term very loosely applied) was stunningly hilarious. Check out the video HERE.

Special thanks to voting rights advocate and published Op-Ed author Valerie Morishige, for conducting an invaluable workshop on amplifying your voice with the awesome yet oft-overlooked power of the Op-Ed. Valerie shared some great strategies on how to get published and move the progressive conversation forward, and although there’s no recording of this one, click HERE to request an encore event.

Click HERE for video of our Texas-themed happy hour, with a moving discussion of Juneteenth by two Houston-born superstars: Emmy winner Debbie Allen (Grey’s Anatomy, Fame), and Emmy nominee Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy, Sex and the City, The Sopranos). Hilarious hosts Jeff Perry (Scandal, My So-Called Life), Zoe Perry (Young Sheldon, Scandal), Gab Taraboulsy, Don Foster and Gina Cirone bring you showbiz, politics, and an amazing Texas drink recipe!



Rebuilding faith in America’s voting systems is a crucial project, one that the nonprofit Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute is tackling head-on with their new TrustTheVote Project. Their plan is to build the most verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent voting software in the world, with the entire code base available online for anyone who wants to look under the hood. OSET is trying to make this happen in time for the 2024 elections – and they need your help! If you believe that publicly owned and fully transparent election software is important for restoring trust in our democracy, please sign their petition HERE.


What better way to share that you’re vaccinated than with a t-shirt that celebrates your status and saves the world in one fell swoop? On the front: “I’M VACCINATED. CAN I REGISTER YOU AS A DEMOCRAT?” On the back: a handy QR code that sends new voters to for instant registration. You spin around, they snap away with their smartphone, and VOILA – a Democrat is born. Fast, fun and stylish! CLICK HERE to start shopping!

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