Biden’s American Jobs Plan Will Help Tampa Build Back Better; FDP Calls Out Reps. Salazar and Giménez on Cheney

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ICYMI: Mayor Jane Castor – Biden’s American Jobs Plan Will Help Tampa Build Back Better

Tampa, Fla — This week in the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor laid out exactly how the American Jobs will help build a better and brighter future for the Tampa Bay community. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, “Tampa is a microcosm of why the American Jobs Plan will make a difference” said Mayor Jane Castor
Not only will the plan help renew the transportation infrastructure throughout the city, which needs to be updated to meet the needs of the growing community, but also it will create good paying jobs in the process. Additionally, the plan will help expand our green economy and provide critical funding for major water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure projects.
Tampa Bay Times: Biden’s American Jobs Plan will help Tampa build back better | Column

Mayor Jane Castor | May 11th, 2021

  • As we rebuild, our country faces a stark choice of whether we want to compete in the 21st century and be a world leader, or to limit our aspirations. As mayor of one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, I hope that our leaders will choose the first path, and President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan will take us there by helping us build back better in a way that brings the opportunity for prosperity to communities in every corner of the country.
  • Tampa is a microcosm of why the American Jobs Plan will make a difference. It will provide funding for critical infrastructure including transportation, water, affordable housing and resilience. 
  • In the process of building this new infrastructure, it will create new good-paying career opportunities for those who want to work hard, learn new skills and be part of a vibrant middle class. 
  • This will reduce systemic inequities in marginalized communities and promote equality of opportunity for all.
  • The American Jobs Plan will provide vital funding to repave miles of streets in Tampa neighborhoods, fix aging bridges that are in need of reconstruction, and invest in improvements to make our streets safer for all users including bicyclists and pedestrians. 
  • The American Jobs Plan will double funding available for public transit, presenting a real opportunity for HART to make impactful changes and investments. 
  • In addition to transportation, the American Jobs Plan will fund major water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure projects…The American Jobs Plan will provide critical support that will help us meet our growing needs related to water.
  • The American Jobs Plan will invest in reenergizing our power infrastructure, including clean energy block grants that cities like Tampa will be able to use to mobilize private investment in sustainable technologies, to empower workers and to support environmental justice initiatives.
  • The American Jobs Plan is a bold, transformative approach to ensure that the United States is able to out-compete our global competitors and do right by our people. It is time to rise to the occasion, put ideology aside, work together and get things done

FDP calls out Reps. Salazar and Giménez for STILL refusing to say whether they stood up for the truth or just pandered to Trump and voted to oust Rep. Cheney   

Miami, Fla— This morning the Republican Congressional Caucus voted to elect Trump devotee and Big Lie supporter Representative Elise Stefanik as conference chair, making it clear that the Republican Party is the party of Trump and conspiracy theorists. 
But even with the election of Stefanik, Representatives Carlos Giménez and Maria Elvira Slazar are still refusing to say whether earlier in the week they stood up for the truth and democracy, or pandered to Donald Trump and voted to oust Liz Cheney. 
It is obvious from their silence that Reps. Salazar and Giménez do not stand on the side of truth and democracy. If they did, they would say so.
In response to Salazar and Gimenez’s pandering to Donald Trump and their anti-democracy actions, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement: 
“Representatives Maria Elvira Salazar and Carlos Giménez had the chance to stand up for truth, to stand up for democracy, and to stand up for freedom of thought — all things to which they love to pay lip service. Instead, they stood idly by and refused to defend Liz Cheney for telling the truth about the 2020 election, bowing to Republican conspiracy theorists and the cult of Donald Trump. How can we expect Giménez and Salazar to defend our democracy if they couldn’t even take the time to support a member of their own caucus who was simply telling the truth and standing up for our democracy?”
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