ICYMI: Florida Democrats Highlight Success of President Biden’s First 100 Days

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*Watch the full press conference here *

FLORIDA— Following President Biden’s joint address to Congress, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz along with Congresswoman Val Demings, Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, Congressman Darren Soto, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, and Mayor Jerry Demings, hosted a press conference to highlight the success of President Biden’s first 100 days.

They focused on the wide range of accomplishments of the first 100 days and how the President and Democratic congressional leaders have worked together to get Florida and America back on track. Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz:

“Last night and over the past 100 days we have witnessed a new day in America. President Biden has restored a sense of optimism and confidence, he has dramatically ramped up vaccinations and he is getting Americans back to work in record numbers, small businesses are reopening, students and teachers are back in schools, our lives are beginning to return to normal.”

“At the same time, he is appealing to our better selves, understanding that Americans are a caring and generous people who continue to believe in the American Dream and what we can do when we unite as one country.”

Congresswoman Val Demings

“I have tell you, when President Biden said ‘my fellow Americans’ it was my first time during my time in Congress as an African American woman that I felt like the President was actually talking to me, that I felt like I was included in ‘my fellow Americans.”

“Last night the President talked about hope, not fear, truth not lies. The President is taking care of people. Promises made, Promises kept.”

“President Biden knows we have to invest in our infrastructure and create a well trained work force by making college affordable, not just for the privileged few but for everyone.” 

Congressman Darren Soto

“The American Rescue Plan put our country back in order… And now we are making sure that all communities are being vaccinated and everyone is getting vaccinated because that is how we get our country back to normal.” 

“We have the opportunity with the American Jobs Plan to electrify our transportation sector, vastly reduce emissions, we have the opportunity to update our water systems… we could upgrade our schools… as well as the fact that there are so many seniors in Florida so that care economy investment is going to make a real difference. And you can’t export these jobs, that’s what the President talked about last night— using American taxpayer dollars to buy American products, to put Americans back to work, and to build back better.” 
“And how do we fund this all? We do it by finally making the tax code equitable.”

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson 

“This is a day of celebration. We have so much to brag about. Shots in Arms. Food on the table. Jobs Jobs Jobs. And all of us voted for it and I want Americans to know that not a single Republican voted for it. You got $1400 checks, child tax credits, increased snap benefits – you got all kinds of things. The Republicans can not take credit for any of this.” 

“In the American Rescue plan we brought in 7 billion dollars for Florida schools.”

“We have to pass the American Jobs Plan and American Family Plans because they are going to help so many people and close the wealth gap.”

Mayor Jerry Demings

“If I had to give President Biden and the congressional delegation a rating I would give them an A+ for their ability to communicate with us at the local level. They know that it is often at the local level that we are able to really help the people in our communities.

“Because of the linkage between the federal government and the rollout of a federal vaccine program in Orange County we have been able to be effective in providing vaccines to so many of those who live in our county.” 

“I am so excited that President Biden has shown interest in improving our infrastructure and directly helping places like Orange County … and I am very confident that President Biden is poised to finally do something about the gun violence issue here in America.” 

Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy
“The vaccine rollout that President Biden has pulled off in the first 100 days is a monumental accomplishment that is saving lives and it is what is finally going to get us out on the other side of this pandemic.”

“We can’t forget where we started. When President Biden took office 100 days ago only 4% of the US population had been vaccinated and now 43% of the country has been vaccinated.” 

“Because we passed the American Rescue Plan in Congress we were able to ramp up vaccination all across the country and all across Florida. 200 million shots in 100 days in no small feat.” 

Watch the full press conference here 

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