Florida Democratic Party Calls out DeSantis and Rubio for Continued Alliance With Donald Trump

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Palm Beach, Fla– This weekend multiple Republican Party and Republican candidate events are happening at Mar-a-Lago and throughout Palm Beach County. Unfortunately, instead of disavowing the disgraced former President after he incited an insurrection on our Capitol, the Republican Party has clearly decided to embrace Donald Trump and align themselves just as closely with him as before. 

The alignment includes our Florida Republican leaders, Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott. This weekend alone Marco Rubio is hosting a large donor luncheon at Mar-a-Lago and Ron DeSantis will be on stage on Saturday night at Republican National Committee meeting with Donald Trump and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. In response the Florida Democratic Party Chair released the following statement: 
“Instead of denouncing Donald Trump after he incited an insurrection at our Capitol that killed innocent people, the Florida Republican leaders have chosen to still align themselves closely with the disgraced former President,” said Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Alexandra Caffrey. “There are many better ways Senator Rubio and Governor DeSantis could be spending their time than partying with donors and Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Maybe they should consider actually helping Floridians get out on the other side of this pandemic.  

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The GOP is still Donald Trump’s party. The clearest proof of that: It is still finding ways to pay Donald Trump money.
The events show that Trump has maintained his status as the party’s central figure, even after the violent effort by supporters to overthrown the election results on his behalf, and a post-presidency exile in which he has rarely left his own property.

“Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach are the center of the Republican universe right now,” he [Jason Miller] said. “All Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago. He’s the biggest name in politics, and everybody wants his support and endorsement.”

On Friday, Florida lobbyist Brian Ballard is hosting a lunch fundraiser for Rubio at Mar-a-Lago. Tickets go from $2,900 to more than $10,000, according to an invitation reviewed by The Washington Post. Trump endorsed Rubio on Friday morning and may attend the lunch himself, an organizer said, though the former president had not formally committed.

On Saturday night, the RNC will bring more than 400 people to the club. The committee is holding a larger donor retreat at a nearby Four Seasons resort — but it moved this dinner to Trump’s club… DeSantis is again expected to be onstage with Trump Saturday night, the only elected official slated to speak alongside the former president.


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