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ICYMI: New Billboard Tells Missourians ‘Help Is Here’ Due to Democrats’ American Rescue Plan

A new billboard in Southwest Missouri is reminding voters who’s responsible for the immensely popular American Rescue Plan, KOLR reports: President Biden and Democrats, not Republicans like Senator Hawley and Senator Blunt. The American Rescue Plan is delivering funds to get shots in arms, re-open schools, and help families pay bills, and a nationwide advertising campaign that this billboard is a part of is making sure Missourians and voters across the country know who has their backs and who doesn’t.

From KOLR-TV: DNC starts advertisement in Southwest Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Democratic National Committee is making more efforts to advertise here in Missouri.

As part of a nationwide advertising campaign featuring billboards in high-traffic areas across the country, one is now up on I-44.

The billboard itself focuses on the American Rescue Plan, thanking president Biden and calling out senators Blunt and Hawley for voting against it.

Over 150,000,000 checks have gone out to families for at least $1,400.

With an average family of four receiving over $5,600 dollars in direct relief money.

“Millions of families here in Missouri have been suffering from the effects of the pandemic. And the American rescue plan is providing that direct help,” said Dunn (MDP Executive Director), “help is here, thanks to President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats. And it’s no thanks to republicans, who unanimously voted in opposition to this relief that is so vitally important to the lives of Americans, especially so many Missourians. It’s of no thanks to senators Hawley and Blunt, who voted in opposition.”

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