GIFs For The American Rescue Plan … And More

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Into Action

American Rescue Plan

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan becomes law, marking the biggest investment in America for generations. Share these GIFs to celebrate.

Fight for Voting Rights

After losing the presidency and the Senate, conservatives are doing their best to keep it from happening again … by working to undermine the right to vote however and wherever they can. With our partners at the Voting Rights Lab, we’re fighting back with GIF campaigns to defend democracy.

View and share the GIFs for each state:

Arizona | Florida | Georgia | Texas | Wisconsin

Deaf History Month

March 13–April 15
Approximately 15% of American adults aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. Deaf History Month celebrates the accomplishments of people who are Deaf or heard of hearing.

Leaders in Athletics and More

Women’s History Month
From the track to the tennis court, these women have raised the bar professionally and stood up and spoken out for what is right. Celebrate these leading women in sports with these GIFs.

RBG’s Birthday

March 15
Justice Ginsburg would have marked her 88th birthday on Monday. Use these GIFs to honor her memory and continue the fight for progress.

Meet the Artist

Hyesu Lee

Hyesu Lee

Hyesu Lee is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. “I was very shy growing up, so I never knew how best to communicate with those around me. But drawing people—observing them, and learning about them—that’s my way of connecting. Art, after all, has no language barrier. My belief is that anything warm and cheerful is contagious.”

Protect our AAPI elders
A diverse group of women wearing "I voted" buttons, raising their fists in unison.
Fearless Girl drawn as a Black girl from behind, on a ballot box that reads "Vote Fearlessly"
Changing faces of Black women, all wearing a mask which reads "First not the last"

Get involved…

Giving people GIFs to help celebrate Women’s History Month, fight back against voter suppression, lift up Deaf culture, or honor progressive heroes is just part of our project. The goal of the Into Action Lab is about making culture to change culture, and we need your help.

If you haven’t already:

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