A Little Ditty about Mitch and Elaine another grifting GOP power couple

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Mitch McConnell, the grim reaper himself, and his reapess wife, former trump Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao have set about collecting every penny from you and me! And as the great grifter super couple knows, there is a tax payer born every minute! 

Learn how Elaine turned her Secretary position into a personal treasure trove for her entire family AND blame it on being “Asian”. 

And Mitch has been at the game even longer, grifting and accumulating for so long it’s hard to tell when one scheme ends and another begins. From cornering the Seteva “Hemp” market in his old Kentucky Home to trying to effect Kentucky Constitutional Change so He can hand pick his own successor. Look Mitchty boy we in Illinois Saw Mike Madigan try to do that and that did not go well! 

So listen in for the little ditty about Mitch and Elaine so much to unspool and not enough time. 



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