They are the Millers – Illinois Premier Fascist Power Couple

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Oh Mary and Chris Miller of down State Oakland, IL.  You ARE Illinois Premier Fascist power couple! 

One is an Illinois State Representative, the other is a Member of Congress. Hitler quoting, insignia sporting supporters of para military hate groups (3%’ers), associating with ultra conservative – even if it means over throwing the Government, fascist organizations like: The Tea Party, The Freedom movement, The Freedom Caucus, Moms for America, The Steppford Wives, Women for America First, Have you ever actually read your Bible Evangelicals, that are financially supported by the bat crap crazy Alex Melvin who is Besties with David “I ain’t open on Sundays, but ALWAYS during a pandemic” Green, Whoopass hillbilly bumper sticker sporting, park my pick up truck complete with Government issue plates in front of the US Capitol on Insurrection Day, The Illinois GOP finest, Anti Masker Virus supporter Darrin Bailey, supporting NUT BAGS! And that ain’t the half of it! Illinois Sunshine and Open Secrets detail the depth and breadth of this pile of corporate farming living on the Government AG Dole dung! 

Holy crap the rabbit holes and weedy places of these home grown fascists is going to be a multi part series – no doubt! 

How they got elected just shows that the Illinois GOP has no bottom.  OBVIOUSLY GOP vetting means “How low can you go?” Even to the depth of over throwing your own government……WOW! I mean they aren’t alone – lots of GOP are insurrectionists – it is their fashion statement.


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