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Ventura County Supports Medicare for All! (5:00 pm – 5:30 pm) 

Facebook event here:

Event by Medicare for All Ventura CountyShowing Up for Racial Justice – SURJ Ventura County and CAUSE Action Fund

Please tune in to this meeting with Representative Julia Brownley where we will make the case for Medicare for All (M4A) and ask that Representative Brownley cosponsor and vote YES for the M4A bill next month. We will send a strong message to Brownley about how essential health care is for all of us, our communities, our families. And we will ask her about her historic lack of support. 
Please SIGN & SHARE this PETITION in advance!

We will live stream from the M4A VC page.

Join us on Zoom by registering here:


Governor Newsom — Lead on Medicare for All!

Join us at and sign the petition to Newsom and learn more about this action. We are Californians who believe that healthcare should be guaranteed as a human right. We are calling on Governor Newsom to fulfill his promise to fight for #SinglePayer​ healthcare in California. A single-payer system would mean comprehensive healthcare for all Californians, including but not limited to: Medical, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Mental Health, Reproductive Health, Prescription Drugs, and Long-term Care. It would also mean Californians wouldn’t need to worry about the cost of care: NO Co-pays, Fees, Deductibles, “Out-of-Network,” Denial of Coverage, NOR Bills. The U.S. is alone among wealthy countries in not providing healthcare to every person as a human right. That we pay twice as much for a system that profits from denying care is shocking. COVID has revealed the fundamental injustice of a system that restricts healthcare based on whether you can afford it. Now there is an enormous opportunity for Governor Newsom to lead the nation and provide every Californian with high-quality, single-payer healthcare. Go to to learn more and join the fight

Healthcare-access-for-all is not just about bringing our human rights into the 21st century

It’s actually good for America’s bottom line and that means more jobs and higher wages.

“In February, CEO Richard Master  of MCS Industries stood with Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) outside the Capitol after she introduced her Medicare for All bill. “This bill removes an albatross from the neck of American business, puts more money in consumer products and will boost our economy,” he said.”
Watch the film “Fix it” at

“Fix It takes a hard look at how our dysfunctional healthcare system negatively impacts on the nation’s health, discourages physicians and hurts the bottom line of our businesses and national economy. Fix It proposes a common sense solution to the out-of-control cost, while ensuring full access to quality healthcare for every American.”


Americans from all sides must join together. Convict Trump of insurrection and toss him out forever.A weak pushback to the insurrection makes it more likely that Trump, or his malignant progeny, can whistle up armed militias to strike again. Please, call your senators!If they are Democrats, it will stiffen their resolve and they will convey to other senators that their constituents want this done. If they are GOP, tell them that their chances on getting reelected lie with doing the right thing and following their oath of office. If you know people in states controlled by GOP senators, get them to call them EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY until this vote is done. Yes. Over and over. Fill their voice mailboxes, talk to interns at every office (DC & local), make their phones shake off their desks.Scripts here for both Democrat and Republican senator s!

Black Lives Matter requests…

Click here for text and call scripts. (

  • Action #1: Tell Your Rep(s) to Support Rep. Cori Bush’s Resolution H.Res. 25
  • Action #2: Support the COUP Act – Congressional Oversight of Unjust Policing Act 

“The enemy is within.” Expel Greene.

Update: “My-Kevin” punted. Said he gave Marjory-Q a stern talking to, but left her on her committees.
Vote to expel her is happening on Thursday! 

(3) quick actions (click here)(  to support March For Our Lives.This woman, who believes that the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were actually “false flag” operations or hoaxes, has been placed on the House Education Committee.

Tues 1/26: Three Quick Actions!

Call your legislators regarding the American Rescue Plan, sign petitions to de-fang the USPS’s DeJoy, the man who is still trying to destroy our postal system and to press Biden on removing the incredibly inhumane “Public Charge” rule.(

Get ready to flush the filibuster!

Jonathon Chait of New York magazine, stated that the US Senate is “the most powerful force for structural racism in American life,” and that “the filibuster has been a bulwark against even mild pursuit of equity.” Indivisible National is asking us to call our senators if we want to see $2k survival checks, the $15 minimum wage, immigration reform and action on climate change. Call/email your senators and tell them to flush the filibuster to stop McConnell from obstructing our two years of majority.

In the beginning, there was H.R.1.
H.R.1:Tell your representative and both senators that H.R. 1/S.1 – For the People Act of 2021 has been delayed long enough. This bill brings reform to finance, voting rights and government ethics that apply to ALL THREE BRANCHES of government. Legal guardrails, not just traditions that normal people agree to follow.

Tick, tock! We’re waiting for resignations!

Remove the whole eco-system of sedition/Remove the seditionists/

Disbar the lawyer/legislators who helped set our country on fire!

(We’re looking at you, Cruz, Hawley, Brooks and more!)
“Safe and reliable COVID-19 vaccines are available to several groups of people in California. But it can be difficult to find out where and how to get a shot. We are a group of volunteers calling hospitals and pharmacies daily to track their vaccine availability and their processes for getting one.

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