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Blue Beginning

What’s next? Please help us decide.

When we started Blue Beginning four years ago, our purpose was clear: undo the fiasco of 2016 and make sure it can’t happen again.

Now we’ve accomplished the first part: We’ve sent Trump packing, hopefully for good, and along the way we rebuilt the midwestern blue wall; took back the Senate (and dispatched Mitch McConnell); protected Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood from the right wing money machine; sent Marie Newman to join them in the House; and elected some stellar women to Wisconsin’s supreme court and state assembly. In doing all that we gathered and trained a large group of dedicated volunteers including canvassers, phone bankers, postcard writers, and more. 

Now it’s time to turn toward the second part of the program: making sure the horror show cannot run again. That’s a much more diffuse objective. It will require progress on voters’ rights, ethical reform, income equity, racial justice, policing, and many more fronts. 

Which goals should we focus on? Which best match the abilities and interests of our members? How should we approach them? In other words, What should Blue Beginning do now? Please help us answer these questions by completing this brief survey. It will only take you a couple of minutes.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all you’ve done to get us here.

Thanks and props to phone bank volunteer Liz Siegel.

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Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

Our mailing address is:
Blue Beginningc/o Marj Halperin Consulting
332 S. Michigan Ave, 9th Floor
Chicago IL, Illinois 60605

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