The Greene Dossier

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The Greene Dossier

Some people are especially “interesting.” Keep info on them handy with a dossier.

Wakelet is a free app that makes it easy to create and share digital dossiers. DemLabs evaluated the Wakelet app by creating the Green Dossier on Republican clan member, Marjorie Taylor Greene. (A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. – Wikipedia)

What makes a good dossier app?

– It can incorporate documents, videos, tweets and posts
– The dossier can be read on a phone, tablet or laptop
– Dossiers can be easily shared by email, through social media posts or embedded in websites
– Team members can collaborate to add information to the dossier at the same time
– It is easy to update the dossier with new details when
– Dossiers can be made public – or kept private with a password

Wakelet excelled on all these features – and the price is right! Here is the Greene Dossier:

Marjorie Taylor Greene.

How to create a dossier

First collect information from websites, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other sources. We collected over forty public records on Marjorie Greene for the Green Dossier in three hours. Wakelet automatically formats the details uploaded. The dossier is assigned a link (URL) like which lets you share it with other people. Make the dossier public like the Greene Dossier as we’ve done, or keep your dossier private with a password.

How to create a digital dossier.

Adding images and videos

Images such as this one licensed from Political Cartoons can be either referenced through a link or by uploading them directly into Wakelet. The app automatically resizes images to fit the dossier. YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks, memes and GIFs can also be added to a dossier.

Mitt Romney and Marjorie Taylor Greene both represent the Republican party.

Sharing dossiers

The dossier link can be shared in several ways:
– Through Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
– By scanning a QR Code with your camera phone
– Embed your dossier in websites with a line of code such as:
< iframe class=”wakeletEmbed” width=”100%” height=”760px” src=”” style=”border: none” allow=”autoplay”>

Update your dossier with new information at any time and the changes are instantly reflected in the dossiers that you’ve shared with other people people or embedded in websites. Perfect for when you have to step into a hearing and need to have the latest version of the dossier that your team has just updated.

How to share a digital dossier through a link, on other websites, social media or through a QR Code.

Dossiers for people on the move

Dossiers created with Wakelet can be easily seen on a phone. Scanning the QR Code with a cameraphone, automatically launches the dossier. Scroll through the dossier to find what you are interested in or use the SEARCH Button. The dossier can be read in either Portrait (vertically) or Landscape (horizontally) mode.

Digital dossiers created with Wakelet can be seen by scanning a QR code and then viewed on a phone in either portrait or landscape mode.

Dossiers for every cause

Create public and private dossiers on different people and causes with Wakelet. DemLabs pro bono created these dossiers to help different advocacy groups:
Redistricting Matters
Democratic Municipal Officers Assn. – Public COVID Resources
Poor People’s Campaign – A National Call For Moral Revival
Seven DemLabs tested free/affordable apps for activism and campaigns

Dossiers can be created for different causes and people.

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