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Hi Indivisibles,

We all breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday after the swearing in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The inauguration went off without a hitch and we laughed and cried as we listened to the patriotic music sung by Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez and the beautiful words of the young poet laureate, Amanda Gorman. We danced and partied for just one night because we all knew that the work would begin the following day and that the obstruction from the Republicans would be waiting. Trump would also be waiting but for now in the background. What a relief! No nasty tweets or front page news. But having Trump in the background will not undo the lawlessness of the last four years or lessen the number of white supremacists who are willing to sacrifice everything for their hero, Donald Trump.

Mitch McConnell is up to his same old tricks. He’s attempting to stop the Democrats from enacting their agenda through bad-faith negotiation on the Senate Organizing Resolution. An Organizing Resolution (sometimes also called a Power-Sharing Agreement) is decided among both Democratic and Republican leadership to delegate or share authority, responsibilities, and committee leadership roles and resources. The agreement is passed in the form of a simple resolution, which would need to pass by unanimous consent or garner 60 votes. McConnell wants to keep the filibuster and is even threatening to use it to hold up the rules organizing the new Senate. The politics of hate and greed are thriving.

We look forward to qualified people to fill the Cabinet posts with decisions based on science and careful thought and consideration. A new day is coming.

But to make progress, we need our Senators to stay strong on the Organizing Resolution and refuse to give in to McConnell. If McConnell still insists on putting a stranglehold on our democracy, they must move quickly to eliminate the filibuster.

Example call scripts and contact information for our members of Congress are below.

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And don’t forget- our General Meeting is tonight at 7pm. You can join using this 
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